The Summer Experience

Leysin, Switzerland: Your Summer Home Away from Home.

Amazing swiss Experiences

Regardless of which program a student chooses: LAS Summer or LAS Summer Edge, students in both programs will share some amazing experiences. Following a busy morning and afternoon of programs and activities, all students participate in our evening socials. These campus-wide events have included activities like glow in the dark dodgeball, dances, banquets. All students also have the opportunity to participate in excursions throughout the summer! Some of the past exciting trips we have offered include Zermatt, Bern, Interlaken, Zurich!

Shared Common Spaces

In addition to the shared evening and weekend events and excursions, students between both programs can look forward to sharing some common spaces. While LAS Summer and LAS Summer Edge students will live in different dorms, they will have a chance to meet and socialize in the cafeterias, lounges, and Magic Mountain Athletic Center. Take a look at the video to take a virtual tour through our campus!

Summer Program Preview

Dorm Life

Each LAS Summer in Switzerland dorm is home to several live-in faculty members. These staff members are available throughout the summer to ensure our students have access to guidance, care, and support throughout their time in Leysin.

Students will also experience the summer with a roommate. Living with a roommate is a particularly valuable experience as it teaches students about new cultures, how to live respectfully and harmoniously with someone else, and most importantly it offers the potential of a lifelong friendship. Most of our students say that living with other students and making new friends from around the world is their favorite part of summer school!

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