Summer Voices

"There's so many things that you can do (at LAS Summer in Switzerland). One day you could be going for laser tag, another day you could go white water rafting. And the place we live in, the mountains, the air, it's so refreshing and it feels really good to just live here and hang out. Even just hanging out in the cave, it's a really good feeling. Everything is so good and nice and clean." - Engin, 17 (Turkey)

"I think the environment is so good. The people are really nice and it's a really beautiful place. And we have different activities, we have free time which is really good. And I like the way we're secure and free at the same time. And I think we have so many choices here- there are lots- this is my second year at LAS Summer in Switzerland and there are so many things I still haven't done . . .  the various things that are here and I can still experience new things is what makes me come back here." - Hannah, 15 (Iran)

"We give students this package so that when they leave, they really feel as though they've had the summer of their lifetime. It's thanks to everyone here. It's a good mixture of classes, activities, travelling, dorm time, dances- all these things together is what the kids take home, and that's why many of them want to come back." - László, Staff Member (Hungary) 

LAS summer Language Program

LAS summer provides a home to students from countries all around the world. With such a large global reach, it comes as no surprise that many students come to Leysin with a keen interest in improving either their knowledge of English or the local language, French.

LAS summer's Academic Program

LAS summer’s new Academic program allows students to develop knowledge and skills in a variety of core and curiosity-driven classes. Class options come in two streams.

Summer Gruyères Excursion!

If you haven’t tasted Swiss cheese, have you really been to Switzerland? With classic dishes like raclette and fondue found in restaurants countrywide, a visit to the Alps just isn’t complete without a sampling of their most iconic food.