Summer Staff

The LAS summer and edge staff are a group of energetic, ambitious, and creative leaders with a passion for working with youth. Summer with LAS is an incredibly rewarding way to help young students from all around the world learn and have fun, develop valuable transferable skills, and embrace mountain living in the Swiss Alps. If you are interested in joining our summer team, please click on the application below.

We are currently looking to fill the following position(s):


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staff testimonials: 

"This will be my eleventh year and the staff are just so friendly—they're like family. And the students! They're amazing. I love meeting students from all over the world, and I love seeing how many of our students come back every summer." - Staci, LAS summer Staff Member (USA) 

"This is going to be my fourth year. I've been a dorm head and a teacher and a rec staff—I've been through all of it! I love seeing the impact we have on children and how they enjoy everything and how excited they are about what we can bring to them. It's always different every year—the staff members and the students that come, they just make it unique with every season." - Ania, LAS edge Staff Member (Poland)