Summer in Switzerland (SIS) at the Leysin American School is for students ages 7-18. SIS is designed for students who want to learn, have fun, and meet peers from all over the world. During the summer, there are students from approximately 40 different countries in the program.

Students are grouped into one of three distinct programs, depending on their age. Alpine Adventure (7 to 11 years old), Alpine Exploration (12 to 14 years old) and Alpine Challenge (15 to 18 years old). Our Alpine Adventure program is self contained and staff who work with these students will work exclusively in the Alpine Adventure program. For our Alpine Exploration and Alpine Challenge programs staff may work exclusively or primarily with one of these age groups. All three programs participate in morning classes, afternoon activities, evening socials, and a number of excursions, whether half-day or all day, throughout the week.

Students in our Alpine Exploration and Alpine Challenge programs can sign up for Cultural Trips that take place at the end of each session. Cultural Tours are an opportunity to travel to France or Italy via coach bus. Returning SIS Staff members do receive priority for chaperoning Cultural Tours.

SIS strives to hire staff members that are knowledgeable, flexible, and collaborative. It is expected that staff members participate fully in the roles for which they have been hired – administration, teaching, recreation, and residential life. SIS at Leysin American School is a place where staff can expect to grow professionally and personally. Just like our students, SIS staff has the opportunity to develop international awareness, cultural tolerance, community-living skills, and leadership skills during their time in Leysin. SIS is a remarkable summer program not just for students, but for staff as well.

We welcome applications beginning in October 2016 for Summer 2017. Candidates with an EU passport or who live in a country that is part of the Schengen agreement are preferred. Multilingualism is a plus; we are particularly interested in speakers of Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

Staff members who worked at SIS in 2016 are encouraged to indicate their intention to return by November 1, 2016. After November 1, new applicants will be considered for any vacant positions.  

Questions may be directed to Mark Kolman at regarding staffing for summer 2017.

Staff Arrival Dates

June 17th, 2017 (Saturday)

Staff Departure Dates

August 11th, 2017 (Friday)

General Positions

Office Manager

Answers all phone calls and deals with phone messages, either answering questions or passing on calls/messages to the director or other relevant staff. Maintains database and generates lists from SIS Enrollment Database (Filemaker Pro). Organizes and supervises all arrivals and departures of SIS students/staff, interacting with the LAS travel office. Maintains cell phone list and related responsibilities. Reports to the director.


Primary job is to drive the stick-shift 17-seater school vans (no buses!) transporting students to and from the airport (1½ hours each way) and other events as needed. When no driving is required, this person will be part of the recreation staff. Must have relevant driving license, such as CDL in U.S.A. or D1 license in Europe. Reports to the office manager and director.


Supervises all health issues at SIS. Maintains health records and reviews all health forms from students, suggests changes to minimize injuries and poor health for SIS students and staff, organizes two nurse duty rotations to ensure 24-hour coverage. Reports to the associate director.

 Positions for Alpine Adventure
(working with students ages 7-11)

Elementary Teachers

Serve as primary teachers for 10 to 15 students 8-12 years old on all mornings, five days per week. During the mornings, specialist teachers do some of the teaching (French, ESL, drama, environment), and if they have specialties in these areas, they will lead these. If not, they will assist the specialist. Some afternoons, evenings and weekends they will supervise the students on excursions and activities. The director of AA ensures teachers at least a full day off per week, as well as other free time. Teachers report to the director.

Recreation Staff

Primary job is to design and supervise afternoon and evening activities, as well as day and half-day excursions. The director of AA ensures at least a full day off per week and other free time. Some recreation staff members are also specialist teachers, meaning teaching one period in the mornings of computers, environmental education, French, ESL or drama. Recreation staff report to the director.

Positions for Alpine Exploration and Alpine Challenge
(working with students ages 12-18)

Dean of Academics

Supervises teachers in the Core and Speciality programs. Responsible for scheduling, curriculum review, resources, course content, sections offered, teacher assignments, teacher evaluations, academic program evaluation, program certificates, high school credit students. Reports to the director.


Instruct four class periods (50 minutes each) each morning. One to two afternoons available for prep time; go on afternoon activities with students two to three afternoons a week. Dorm duty up to three times each week, which includes some afternoon time and evening hours. Be on duty a maximum of one day each weekend plus all opening and closing days and weekends. Report to the dean of academics. See Teens 13-18 for subjects taught.

Dean of Activities

Organizes all afternoon and evening activities, as well as weekend and half-day excursions. This includes the Red Frog (student rec. area), and organizing which activities will be offered when, assigning staff for activities and excursions, content and quality of each activity, making reservations, preparing students for excursions and preparing resources for excursions. Needs to use SIS Enrollment Database (Filemaker Pro). Is also responsible for the discipline of the students in this area. Reports to the director.

Assistant Coordinator of Recreation

Assists dean of activities and excursions in all duties. Maintains transportation schedule and vehicle usage records. Needs to use SIS Enrollment Database (Filemaker Pro). Reports to the dean of activities.

Recreation Staff

Plan, design, organize and supervise all afternoon and evening activities. One afternoon and one evening free each week. On duty a maximum of one day each weekend plus all opening and closing days and weekends. May have dorm duty one to two evenings of each week. Also responsible for the Red Frog, as a group. Reports to the dean of activities.

Summer Staff Application

We are no longer hiring for the Summer of 2017.

SIS Staff Travel Form

Once you have been employed as an SIS staff member, please fill out the below form.