LAS Summer

Small Country, Big Summer.

Whether you enjoy hiking and biking or reading and making music, LAS Summer in Switzerland has something for you!  Our alpine campus, fantastic facilities, and flexible program give students the opportunity to choose their own summer adventure.  Our experienced counselors and instructors ensure that every student feels like they belong. Students are grouped by age (9-12 and 13-16) to guarantee that activities are age appropriate, and minimal cell phone use means that our students spend less time online and more time enjoying face-to-face fun!

What kind of summer are YOU looking for?  LAS Summer in Switzerland allows students to customize the summer of their dreams—a perfect fit for their interests and goals. For their morning program, students choose one of four options (Language Acquisition, Leadership Courses, or Enrichment). After lunch, students participate in a club, and in the late afternoon they join an activity!  Scroll down to read more about these incredible options!

Morning Programs

In Summer in Switzerland, there's plenty to choose from and the choice is yours! Students interested in improving their language skills can use the mornings to practice English or French within our Language Acquisition Track. The ones who would like to become future leaders or entrepreneurs will likely find our Leadership Track attractive. We also have something for those who want to try a variety of exciting summer subjects--check out our Enrichment Track to find out more. Each student will be asked to choose one of the Tracks per session before arrival.


Afternoon Clubs

What would summer be without a healthy dose of activities and adventure? 

After their morning program and lunch, students enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with clubs followed by activities.  Each session, students choose from seven different clubs: Team Sports, Cooking & Baking, Hiking and Climbing, Robotics and Programming, Visual Arts, Tennis, or Performing Arts. They attend the same club throughout the program.  Choose one club per session from the options below.


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