LAS Summer

Build Your Perfect Summer.

Create the perfect summer experience with our customizable LAS Summer Program! First, you will choose from three morning programs: the Language Track (French or English), the Academic Track (Makerspace Program, Nature of Math Program, or Unsolved Mysteries Program), or the Sports Track (our Tennis Program or our Mountain Leadership Development Program).

Next you'll choose your afternoon club, followed by an afternoon activity! With club options like Sports Club, Dance Club, and Art Club, and activities like whitewater rafting, parapenting, horseback riding, paddle boarding, and more, there are options to capture every interest!

LAS Summer weekends are for exploration, travel, and adventure. Switzerland is a stunning and culturally rich country, and students can explore a variety of destinations. (Looking for a more intense, experiential program? Check out our other summer program, LAS Summer Edge!)

Morning Programs


Afternoon Clubs and Activities


LAS Summer Clubs are a great way to expand interests and meet new friends from outside morning programs. Options for the summer of 2022 will include Cooking and Baking, Music and Art, and Team Sports and Fitness. 

Afternoon Activities

Afternoon activities add extra variety to students' daily schedules. Options may include, (but are not limited to!) arts and crafts, biking, hiking and climbing, dance, team sports, horseback riding, games, music, and more!