The new LAS Summer program allows students ages 10-17 to shape their experience by pre-selecting from a wide variety of stimulating core morning Programs – Language, Academic or Sport – and a variety of afternoon Clubs so that they can delve deeply into their specific subjects/interests and develop their skills and knowledge throughout the session. Alongside the core programs and clubs on offer, many other sports, activities and excursions are also offered regularly to satisfy all tastes and interests.


LAS Summer 2018

Choose your morning program:

Language, Academic, or Sports Program

Once you have chosen your morning program, then choose your classes within your program:

Language Program

Select your level of proficiency

English Stream:

  • English Elementary
  • English Intermediate
  • English Advanced

French Stream

  • French Elementary
  • French Intermediate
  • French Advanced

Academic Program

Choose any two courses below 

Accelerator Classes

  • Programming
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Global Leadership
  • Math

Explorer Classes

  • Code Cracking
  • Robotics
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • The Art of Science

Sports Program

Select a program below

  • Summer Tennis Program
  • Mountain Leadership Development Program

Afternoon Clubs

Choose one club per session

  • Music Club (Guitar, Piano, DJ, and Music Mixing)
  • Film Making Club
  • Photography Club
  • Robotics & Coding Club
  • Performing Arts Club
  • Cooking & Baking Club
  • Arts Studio Club
  • Language Club (French, Mandarin, German & Spanish)
  • Sports Activities Club

All afternoon activities, evening socials, and weekend excursions will be selected on arrival.