LAS edge® is a new and exclusive program we are offering for students aged 13 and up. Aimed at highly motivated students, LAS edge® will provide a platform for self-awareness and confidence development. This will allow students to gain a perspective on their leadership potential. Edge is a three-week program of self-discovery, focusing on our three core values – Innovation, Compassion, and Responsibility. It is designed for students who really want to participate in something completely different. The program offers a variety of challenging topics that will be explored in depth, including company visits, well known guest speakers, and dynamic activities designed to push students limits

Innovation week showcases new and innovative products and solutions debuting in our world today. The purpose of this week is to open our student’s eyes to new ways of thinking.

  • Discover how the first solar-powered balloon circumnavigated the globe
  • Explore collaborative and innovative design projects around the world
  • Become more creative through innovative group discussion and debate

Compassion Week aims to provide students with greater awareness and appreciation of current humanitarian issues and how these are currently being handled in Switzerland.

  • Gain hands-on humanitarian experience
  • Appreciate that compassion is not charity
  • Analyze the importance and necessity of community volunteering

Responsibility Week introduces students to notions of collective responsibility and self-awareness in every day life.

  • Experience the importance and advantages of effective team building
  • Appreciate a global role in maintaining a sustainable environment
  • Learn to overcome one’s own fears through challenging activities