LAS edge

LAS edge is an exciting and exclusive summer program that emphasizes self-discovery, highlighting the LAS mission statement of "developing innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world." Each week of edge is dedicated to exploring one of these traits in depth, introducing students to well-known inspirational people and inviting them to participate in fun activities that are designed to help them explore their unique strengths and build on their self-confidence.
LAS edge believes that energized minds are curious minds. By striking a balance between adventure and education we aim to find the sweet spot where excited, curiosity-driven learning occurs. Students will spend three action-packed weeks unlocking their creative potential, perfecting their team member and leadership skills, and jumping headfirst into the adventure activities Switzerland has to offer, including parapenting, whitewater rafting, and indoor skydiving!

Themed Weeks

Innovation Week

  • discover how technological developments affect the way we live and what implications it might have for the future
  • discuss space travel and nuclear research with world-class specialists
  • test your imagination and creativity when developing a prototype of a product you design
  • learn innovative approaches to studying, developing individual and group projects, and personal development
Possible Topics:  social entrepreneurship, nuclear research, space travel, globalization and the labor market, digital risks and data protection
Recent Guest Speakers:
  • Didier Manzoni: Deputy CEO at APCO Technologies SA, a company that focuses on space technologies
  • Richard Johnson: Director of Sport and Youth for HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein and author of award-winning international communications campaigns
Excursions: Geneva (CERN), Indoor Skydiving, and Hublot Watch Factory
Projects: Design eco-friendly community gardens and entrepreneurial challenge

Compassion Week

About Compassion Week:

Compassion Week is a time for students to learn what it means to be empathetic, harmonious citizens of the world. We are in a position that allows us to show care and compassion to those who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves. Compassion Week will allow students to gain hands-on community service experience and appreciate the importance of compassion

Guest Speaker:

During summer 2019, students will be able to learn from Tiara Sahar Ataii. Tiara is founder and president of SolidariTee, an entirely student-led charity which raises awareness about the refugee crisis and offers grants to organizations and individuals working in the sector. She founded the charity in January 2017 while studying at Cambridge University after working as an interpreter for refugees in France, Germany, and Greece. Since then, the charity has spread to 35 participating universities across 5 countries. Tiara is also a recipient of the Vice Chancellor's Social Impact Award.


United Nations and World Health Organization in Geneva


Volunteering with guests from the refugee center

Responsibility Week

  • appreciate the multi-scalar nature of being a responsible citizen
  • learn how to act on issues that are close to your heart
  • become more self-aware and build confidence through a variety of challenging activities and stimulating coaching sessions
  • critically engage with the 21st century global challenges and evaluate solutions
Possible Topics: collective responsibility and self-awareness, environmental sustainability, social action and student activism, integrity and gender equality in sports, positive discrimination, securitization of terrorism threat
Recent Guest Speakers:
  • Jamie Andrew: Amputee Mountaineer and Motivational Speaker
  • Nicolas Vaudroz: International artist based in Leysin


  • The Olympic Museum and Modern Art Museum in Lausanne, and the Matterhorn in Zermatt

Projects: Art workshops (“creative activism”)

Excursions & Activities


Want to take your summer experience to new heights? Soar high in the sky and take in a view of the Alps unlike any other in this adventurous activity! 

Ropes Course
Take to the trees and make your way through a fun maze of bridges, swings, and ladders. A day out at the ropes course is sure to get your adrenaline pumping!
Indoor Skydiving
This activity is for adrenaline junkies who aren't quite ready for the experience of jumping out of a plane! Get suited up and experience the thrill of free-falling in this gravity-defying activity!
Paddle Boarding
If you are looking for a more physical activity, grab a paddle, grab a board, and enjoy paddling around beautiful Lake Geneva. 
Hublot Watch Factory
During the tour of the Hublot watch factory, students will be able to see how some of the most artistic, innovative Swiss timepieces are made.
United Nations
The United Nations seeks to maintain peace around the world. LAS edge students will have the chance to visit this amazing organization and learn about peace, security, and human rights.
Lausanne Olympic Museum
A trip to Lausanne’s Olympic Museum is sure to leave you impressed! See just what it takes to be the fastest, strongest, and best in one of the world’s most competitive events.
Trip to Zermatt
Zermatt is exactly the sort of town you picture when you think of Switzerland—wooden chalets, pretty storefronts, and a view of the picture-perfect Matterhorn. A day in Zermatt is a day well spent!

Daily Schedule

LAS edge is designed to challenge, excite, and keep students on their toes- for this reason, no two days within the program are the same. Below you can find some sample schedules showing what a given day could look like.