LAS edge

LAS edge is an exciting and exclusive summer program that emphasizes self-discovery, highlighting the LAS mission statement of "developing innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world." Each week of edge is dedicated to exploring one of these traits in depth, introducing students to well-known inspirational people and inviting them to participate in fun activities that are designed to help them explore their unique strengths and build on their self-confidence.
LAS edge believes that energized minds are curious minds. By striking a balance between adventure and education we aim to find the sweet spot where excited, curiosity-driven learning occurs. Students will spend three action-packed weeks unlocking their creative potential, perfecting their team member and leadership skills, and jumping headfirst into the adventure activities Switzerland has to offer, including parapenting, whitewater rafting, and indoor skydiving!

Themed Weeks

Responsibility Week

About Responsibility Week:

Part of what it means to be a responsible citizen of the world is acting on important issues so the world can become a better place. This week will teach students how to act on issues that are close to their hearts and help them realize just how much of an effect one person can have on the world. Students will become more self-aware and build confidence through a variety of challenging activities and stimulating coaching sessions while critically engaging with 21st century global challenges.


The Olympic Museum and Modern Art Museum in Lausanne, and the Matterhorn in Zermatt.


Art workshops—take part in "creative activism.”

Compassion Week

About Compassion Week:

Compassion Week is a time for students to learn what it means to be empathetic, harmonious citizens of the world. We are in a position that allows us to show care and compassion to those who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves. Compassion Week will allow students to gain hands-on community service experience and appreciate the importance of compassion.


United Nations and World Health Organization in Geneva.


Volunteering with guests from the refugee center.

Innovation Week

About Innovation Week:

We live in an ever-changing world with new discoveries and technological advances regularly being made. During Innovation Week, students will learn how some of the world's latest technological developments affect the way we live and what implications they might have for the future. They will also learn how to test their imagination and creativity to develop their own innovative project, drawing links between what they have learned throughout each week.

Geneva (CERN), Indoor Skydiving, and Hublot Watch Factory.
Design eco-friendly community gardens and entrepreneurial challenge.

Excursions & Activities


Want to take your summer experience to new heights? Soar high in the sky and take in a view of the Alps unlike any other in this adventurous activity! 

Ropes Course
Take to the trees and make your way through a fun maze of bridges, swings, and ladders. A day out at the ropes course is sure to get your adrenaline pumping!
Indoor Skydiving
This activity is for adrenaline junkies who aren't quite ready for the experience of jumping out of a plane! Get suited up and experience the thrill of free-falling in this gravity-defying activity!
Paddle Boarding
If you are looking for a more physical activity, grab a paddle, grab a board, and enjoy paddling around beautiful Lake Geneva. 
Hublot Watch Factory
During the tour of the Hublot watch factory, students will be able to see how some of the most artistic, innovative Swiss timepieces are made.
United Nations
The United Nations seeks to maintain peace around the world. LAS edge students will have the chance to visit this amazing organization and learn about peace, security, and human rights.
Lausanne Olympic Museum
A trip to Lausanne’s Olympic Museum is sure to leave you impressed! See just what it takes to be the fastest, strongest, and best in one of the world’s most competitive events.
Trip to Zermatt
Zermatt is exactly the sort of town you picture when you think of Switzerland—wooden chalets, pretty storefronts, and a view of the picture-perfect Matterhorn. A day in Zermatt is a day well spent!

Daily Schedule

LAS edge is designed to challenge, excite, and keep students on their toes- for this reason, no two days within the program are the same. Below you can find some sample schedules showing what a given day could look like. 

Meet the 2019 Edge Speakers!

Issy Bailey

Issy is a former LAS summer student who will be returning to speak with our summer edge students this year. Issy has always had a competitive, athletic streak. Following a car accident in 2013 that injured her spine, she learned to channel these traits into the sport of shooting - something she was introduced to during her rehabilitation. She is now an inspirational Paralympic athlete who competes in shooting Para sport.  

Randall Zindler

Randall Zindler is the former CEO of a disaster relief agency called Medair. Together with Medair, Randall helped to coordinate the humanitarian effort following the Asian tsunami in December 2004. Randall will be speaking with students as they learn about what it means to take part in activism.

Rodolpho Riskalla

Rodolpho was well on his way to competing in dressage in the Olympic games in 2016, when he contracted bacterial meningitis; due to the infection, he lost his right hand, two fingers on his left hand, and had to have both legs amputated below the knee. This didn't stop his passion for horseback riding though; Rodolpho is now a Paralympic athlete who competed in equestrian dressage during the Rio 2016 games! 


VividQ is a London-based technology startup working on commercial applications of holographic display in VR headsets, smart glasses, and consumer electronics. They will demonstrate their products and focus on the techniques they have used to help them stay at the forefront of innovative technology.

Tiara Sahar Ataii

Tiara is founder and president of SolidariTee, an entirely student-led charity which raises awareness about the refugee crisis and offers grants to organizations and individuals working in the sector. She founded the charity in January 2017 while studying at Cambridge. Since then, the charity has spread to 35 participating universities across 5 countries. Tiara is also a recipient of the Vice Chancellor's Social Impact Award.

Anna McGorum

Anna is an 18 year old XC racer who first started cycling when she was five. Last year she represented Great Britain at the World Championships and the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her life currently revolves around school and racing: two things she believes strongly compliment each other.