“I love passing on my experience and giving young people the tools to dream big. I want to show them that nothing is out of reach if you work for it.”  -John Djourou (Former Arsenal & Swiss National Footballer and Head of Djourou Elite Football)

LAS Summer in Switzerland works in collaboration with Djourou Elite Football to offer a challenging and fun program for our summer students. 

The LAS Football Program (soccer, for those of you in the United States!) provides training for all ages and abilities.  Students will work on their footwork and essential skills in a fun and supportive environment. 

The training method was developed by Johan Djourou—he will be actively involved and present on site to guide the coaches. This program provides the best of both worlds—the students can develop their soccer skills while also enjoying the best of Switzerland at LAS Summer in Switzerland.

Want to know more? Contact our Summer Office at summer@las.ch—we are happy to answer your questions about our incredible summer program. Ready to sign up?  Sign up here!