Happy Campers 

Testimonials from our Happy Campers

"I wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for our student Lola; both her family and us are extremely grateful. I also wanted to share with you how Lola's family feel about her experience. They said that they made the best choice following our advice to send their daughter to LAS this summer . . . she would have loved to stay all her life there."
- Oliver R. (Agent)
"I can’t think of a better way for my children to spend their summer!  They spend their mornings learning a new language, their afternoons exploring the best spots in the Alps, and their evenings hanging out with friends. It’s the best summer ever!"
- Eric T.
"Thank you for the positive experience for our daughter in LAS (summer session 3). Maria said it was excellent . . . She is already looking forward to next summer."
- Sonia K.

"I can’t believe that Mara’s camp comes to an end. She is very happy with the entire experience and I would like to thank you all for this!"
- Teodora R.
“The coolest thing about LAS Summer in Switzerland is that you can design your own summer program. Whether you prefer hiking and exploring the Alps, learning a language and making music, or trying new sports and staying active every day, this summer program has you covered!”
- Peggy V.

"Thank you for this whole experience! Naomi is loving it."
- Jackie C.

"Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you being so helpful and kind during this entire process. Tiffany is having a blast and can not wait to share her summer camp experiences with her friends."
- Bianca M.
“Exploring the Alps? Swimming in Lake Geneva? Waking up to the best view in the world every day? Yes, PLEASE.”
- Michelle T.

"My son, Aristeidis, is having an amazing time at your summer camp."
- Areti V.

"Sasha's mother wanted to thank me for the wonderful time Sasha had at camp this summer! Many thanks for giving the students such a great time!"
- Carol P. (Agent)

"We’d like to say thank you, Filippo is enjoying his last two days in Leysin, he’s appreciating every minute spent at LAS."
- Mrs. and Mr. B.
“What I liked best was spending time in the dorms at night.  My roommate was from Spain, and she even taught me some Spanish! What a great opportunity to meet other kids from all over the world.”
- Jackson T.

"I had no doubt that Elisa would quickly adapt [to life at camp]. Me and her father came to pick her up this morning and we found a very happy little girl. We are so proud of her! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for all your help."
- Mrs. M.

"We are very satisfied with your organization, everything was perfect in these difficult times! "
- Mrs. C.

"She is so happy about these two weeks. Thank you to all your staff."
- Monica S.

"The boys are having a lot of fun and enjoying the camp a lot! Thank you very much."
- Mrs. Q.

"The girls have enjoyed their stay immensely! Thanks so much for everything! Thank you so much for everything you have done to assist us on this journey!"
- Mrs. H.

"Thank you so much for all your effort, we really appreciate your support that you provide, a special thanks from Dr. A. and his wife for taking care of the boys."
- Mr. H. (Agent)