Session dates and fees for 2017

We look forward to receiving your application to the Summer in Switzerland program. SIS offers a variety of programs for children ages 7 to 18 in the beautiful alpine setting of Leysin, Switzerland.

Summer in Switzerland students may choose from the following program packages for the dates and prices below.

Alpine Adventure (ages 7 – 11)

Session 1June 24 – July 13, 2017CHF 6800
Session 2July 22 – August 9, 2017CHF 6800

Alpine Exploration (ages 12-14)
& Alpine Challenge (ages 15-18)

Session 1, 3 weeksJune 24 – July 13, 2017CHF 6800
Session 1, 4 weeks (including Cultural Trip)June 24 – July 19, 2017CHF 9800
Session 2, 3 weeksJuly 22 – August 9, 2017CHF 6800
Session 2, 4 weeks (including Cultural Trip)July 22 – August 15, 2017CHF 9800

Alpine Challenge (Girls) – Session One is now full.

2017 Full sessions by language

We limit native speakers of any one language to 15% of the total SIS population to ensure a quality summer school experience based in English. Please check the table below for  sessions that have filled for certain language groups or genders. Languages written in the boxes below are those which have already filled. Programs that are full no matter what language the applicant speaks are marked FULL.

1. Choose the correct program

A. Register for the program by session –

Select the correct session for the dates of your choice.

Students must arrive at SIS and depart from SIS on the dates given for their programs. SIS cannot accommodate students who arrive or depart outside of the official arrival dates.

Travel by air: Students requesting a transfer service from Geneva Airport must book their flights to land and depart between 10:00 and 16:00 on Arrival Day and Departure Day. Flights booked outside of this window will incur an additional transfer fee unless there are no scheduled flights within these times. 

Travel by car or train: Students must arrive on campus between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00. Students must depart by car or train by 12:00 noon on Departure Day.

B. Register for the program by age –

Students at SIS are grouped with same-age peers (of the same gender) in our residential halls. Therefore you must indicate the correct age group of your child. Select the appropriate age group according to your child’s birth date. Your child must be in the age range given as per their arrival day ( June 24 or July 22, 2017).

  • AA – Alpine Adventure (ages 7-11)
  • AE – Alpine Exploration (ages 12-14)
  • AC – Alpine Challenge (ages 15-18)

C. Register for a Cultural Tour (if applicable) –

Spain: Students visit Barcelona, with an emphasis on Photography and Architecture

Italian Riviera: Students visit Cinque Terra with an emphasis on liberal arts and the rich history and geo-politics of the region.

After May 1, a 500 CHF fee is charged for changes from one Cultural Tour to another. Changes are not possible after the session arrival date. Programs do fill; check the SIS website for current availability.

Cultural Tours are not available to AA students.

2. Indicate Academic and Activity Preferences


Students in the AA, Alpine Adventure, program (ages 7-11) can select one of our three academic streams: Language, STEM or Liberal Arts.

Students in the AE, Alpine Exploration, program (ages 12-14) and AC, Alpine Challenge, program (ages 15-18) choose from one of our five academic streams: Language, STEM, Arts & Creativity, Entrepreneurship or Liberal Arts.

Specialty Programs (ages 12-18 only)


Students will be introduced to various summer sports that are enjoyed in the Alpine region that surrounds Leysin. Examples include Hiking, Orienteering, Climbing, and Via Ferrata. Beyond learning the basics of these sports, students will also learn the skills necessary to engage in these sports in a socially responsible way. Classroom instruction will be utilized to educate students on topics such as equipment needs, proper diet and nutrition, safety and environmental impact. The intent is to instill in students a love of and an appreciation for a healthy and active lifestyle

Afternoon Activities

Core activities include athletics and other activities on our school campus and at the two sport centers in the village. The school campus has a gym, squash court, dance studio, and fitness center. The sport centers have tennis courts, a large swimming pool, a soccer field, basketball courts, a dance studio, an ice-skating rink, a climbing wall and beach volleyball courts. Some activities take place at nearby destinations. Activities are age appropriate.

Extended Activities

Overnight Hike (Ages 7-11)

All students participate in a two-day hike. (The hike is mandatory.) This involves hiking in the mountains and staying overnight in a mountain hut or cabin. Hikes usually take place in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Cabane La Sarouche and Isenau, Les Diablerets; or the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Arnensee and Geltenhutte. Itinerary may change according to weather conditions.

Tennis (Ages 12-18)

The California Tennis Academy of Leysin welcomes students who would like to participate in tennis on an ongoing basis through the session, up to one activity periods each afternoon.

Theater (Ages 12-18) 

Students may opt to act in the play or sing in the musical – or assist with the production of the performances, managing backstage and providing technical support. One hour of morning class time is dedicated to rehearsing. There are also occasional rehearsals during the afternoon.

3. Student Information

Fill in the details for the student who will be participating at SIS. This information is mandatory for all reservations.

4. Parent Information

Fill in the details for the parent or legal guardian of the student who will be participating in SIS. This information
is mandatory for all reservations.

5. Agent Information

If an educational agent or other organization is taking care of the reservation process and/or billing for the student,
Step 5 must be completed. If there is no information given here, the student is not associated with an agent.

6. Emergency Contact

Fill in the details for a responsible adult who can serve as an emergency contact in the event there is an emergency with your student and the parent/legal guardian cannot be reached. We do not accept agents as the emergency contact. This information is mandatory for all reservations.

7. How did you hear about SIS?

Fill in the details of how you heard about SIS.

8. Payment Information

Payments by Bank Drafts and Transfers

Payments may be made to one of our school accounts below. Any transfer charges are the responsibility of the client. The applicant’s name and/or student ID number must be shown on the transfer document to identify the transfer payment. Beneficiary Name: Leysin American School. Please email or fax a copy of the bank transfer document to the LAS Accounting Office (; +41-24-494-1585).

Credit Suisse AG – CHFCredit Suisse AG – EURCredit Suisse AG – USD
CP (CHF Account)
CH 8070 Zurich
Beneficiary Name:
LAS (Leysin American School)
Account No. 1262015-31
IBAN: CH92 0483 5126 2015 3100 0
CP (EUR Account)
CH 8070 Zurich
Beneficiary Name:
LAS (Leysin American School)
Account No.1262015-32
IBAN: CH58 0483 5126 2015 3200 0
CP (USD Account)
CH 8070 Zurich
Beneficiary Name:
LAS (Leysin American School)
Account No.1262015-32-1
IBAN: CH31 0483 5126 2015 3200 1
Av. de la Gare (CHF Account)
CH 1860 Aigle
Beneficiary Name:
LAS (Leysin American School)
Account No. 02443-369998.01L
IBAN: CH560024 3243 3699 9801 L
Av. de la Gare (EUR Account)
CH 1860 Aigle
Beneficiary Name:
LAS (Leysin American School)
Account No. 02443-369998.61G
IBAN: CH840024 3243 3699 9861 G
Av. de la Gare (USD Account)
CH 1860 Aigle
Beneficiary Name:
LAS (Leysin American School)
Account No. 02443-369998.60H
IBAN: CH410024 3243 3699 9860 H

*Please fill in the amount you are paying at the time of registration (1,500 CHF non-refundable deposit plus 500 CHF mandatory pocket money = 2,000 CHF minimum). Full tuition may be paid at this time or by the due date.

9. Health Form & Activities Permission

Please complete these forms according to the instructions.

10. Acceptance and Liability

Reservations are not complete and no reservation will be made without a signature of the parent/guardian under the acceptance and liability section. Please read the terms carefully. SIS is a popular program. So popular, in fact, that we unfortunately do not have space for every student who would like to attend.

To ensure a fair reservation process for every student who would like to participate in SIS, please note the following guidelines:

  • Reservations are date-stamped and enrollment is offered to students in the order that reservations are received. We must have a reservation form and deposit in order to reserve a place for a student.
  • Returning students are guaranteed a place with us if we receive the reservation by January 1, 2017. Every effort will be made after January 1 to place returning students, but places can no longer be guaranteed.
  • In order to ensure diversity in our community, SIS applies quotas for boys and girls, for age groups and for native languages.
  • Reservations for which the enrollment deposit down payment is not paid within three weeks after receipt will be moved to the waiting list, no longer guaranteeing a place.
  • Passports must have an expiry date at least six months after the date of departure from Switzerland.
  • Switzerland requires a multiple-entry Schengen visa for many of our students. In recent summers, we have had students from the following countries require a visa. These include, but are not limited to: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, China, Columbia, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe.

11. SIS Code of Behavior and Liability

SIS strives to create an enjoyable educational experience for each and every one of its students, regardless of cultural and social differences. To that end, SIS has its own code of expected behavior, applicable to students, staff, and every member of our community.

Parents and students should discuss the SIS Code of Behavior and Liability (below and at If students and parents can abide by the expected behavioral norms of SIS, they should sign their names in Step 11. Reservations without signatures are considered incomplete and do not reserve a place for a student.

Please discuss the SIS Code of Behavior with your child in terms he or she can understand. If for any reason you cannot abide by these terms – or you believe your child will have trouble abiding by these terms – please do not apply to SIS. We are serious about providing a welcoming and healthy environment for everyone in our community.

At all times, students at SIS:

  • Respect the cultural and social differences of their student peers and adult mentors.
  • Respect the property of the school, the property of the local sport centers and businesses in Leysin, and the property of the sites visited on excursions and Cultural Tours.
  • Respect the rules and norms of behavior in Switzerland, including quiet behavior between the hours of 22:00 and 08:00.

At no times do students at SIS:

  • Use tobacco products, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and snuff; a student found smoking may be given a drug test.
  • Use alcohol; a student found drinking will be sent home.
  • Use illegal drugs, including marijuana; a student using drugs will be sent home.
  • Threaten another participant, whether student or staff, with physical or verbal violence and abuse. The student will be sent home.

Failure to adhere to the SIS Code of Behavior will result in punishment, up to and including immediate dismissal from the program at the cost of the student and his or her family.

An unsatisfactory discipline record from the previous summer may result in nonacceptance or a future summer.

Leysin American School reserves the right to dismiss a student at any time if that student has proven to be an unsatisfactory member of the school community even though there may have been no infraction of a specific rule. In this case, LAS retains the entire payment. Additional costs related to dismissal from the program, e.g. fees incurred for changing plane tickets and transport to the airport, are the responsibility of the undersigned. False or incomplete information entered above may also result in LAS reserving the right to dismiss a student with no refund. Program placement is based on age as of arrival day ( June 24 or July 22, 2017).

You must sign that you understand the SIS Code of Behavior and Liability on the last page of the reservation. Reservations without a signature are not complete and no reservation will be made.
Thank you for being a positive member of our SIS community!

Summer in Switzerland Application

Before beginning the 2017 SIS application, please ensure that you have the following information:

– Agent contact information (If applicable)
– Vaccination dates
– A clear copy of the child’s passport
– Photograph (ID-style photo taken recently and less than 50KB)
– If paying with credit card, please be prepared to submit the CHF 2000 enrollment deposit after submitting the application

SIS Travel Form

SIS recommends that students traveling by plane arrive/ depart Geneva Airport between 10:00 to 16:00. Students traveling directly to the school should arrive between 10:00 to 16:00. On departure days, students should depart by 12:00 noon.