LAS Summer & LAS edge Application 2018

Before beginning the LAS Summer 2018 application, please ensure that you have the following information:

– Agent contact information (If applicable)
– Vaccination dates
– A clear copy of the child’s passport
– Photograph (ID-style photo taken recently and less than 50KB)

Please contact us for any application questions at:

Once the application has been completed, please submit your 2,000 CHF deposit via Credit Card or wire transfer (Please note that there is a  5% fee included for all credit card payments). Please contact us at for credit card payment details. 

You may also pay for LAS Summer and LAS edge Program in full. 

For wire transfer payments please use the information below. When making a wire transfer please use the student’s full name as reference.

For Swiss Franc CHF Payments

 Credit Suisse AG 8079 Zurich CHF Account

Account No. 1262015-31
IBAN: CH920483 5126 2015 3100 0

For US $ Payments

 Credit Suisse AG 8079 Zurich USD ($) Account

Account No. 1262015-32-1
IBAN: CH31 0483 5126 2015 3200 1

For € Payments

Credit Suisse AG 8079 Zurich Euro (€) Account

Account No. 1262015-32
IBAN: CH58 0483 5126 2015 32 00 0

Please click the link below to download the LAS Summer in Switzerland Travel Form.