alpine exploration

Ages 12-14

Teenagers in our Alpine Exploration (AE) program are given the opportunity to explore and discover through morning classes, afternoon activities and evening socials. Subjects offered are more in- depth and age-appropriate.

Exploring their environment through excursions, they can also make this a more memorable summer by participating in a cultural trip, supervised by SIS Staff, to a European destination with their new SIS friends.

For the morning academic program, students can choose classes from within a single stream, or they can explore new areas of study by taking classes from multiple streams. Either way, we are confident that students will find much to explore.

Boys and girls live in separate supervised dormitories on our Savoy campus, each with their own staff. The campus is a short walk to Leysin’s town center with its restaurants, shops, cinema, and sporting facilities. During their time at SIS, students will become very familiar with our quaint Swiss mountain village.

AE morning classes

AE classes are designed to engage students in age-appropriate content and to help them develop academic skills, broaden their interests and increase their knowledge. If students are especially interested in a subject area, they can select all of their classes from a single academic stream. Or, if they are interested in a broader academic enrichment experience, they can choose classes from various streams. Either way, we are confident that students will find our classes stimulating and appropriately challenging.



AE students can study and immerse themselves in the French language or improve their English language skills in our ESL (English as a Second Language) program.

Class options include:

  • French Immersion
  • French Classes
  • English as a Second Language



Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Teachers will introduce students to the relationship of these subjects and their relevance in human history and our daily lives. Courses are a mix of formal lessons, hands-on activities and small group projects

Class options include:

  • Code Cracking
  • Visual Programming
  • Math-a-Magic


Arts & Creativity

Classes in this stream focus on fostering students’ individuality and empowering students’ imagination. Through music, art, acting and photography students will have various opportunities to explore and develop their creative and artistic talents.

Class options include:

  • Art & Photography – Piano/Guitar
  • Music Mixing
  • Theater/Voice



Entrepreneurs are leaders who have initiative and are willing to take risks. Additionally, they are people who are creative, individualistic and disciplined. Classes in this stream are designed to help students discover these abilities within themselves.

Class options include:

  • Numbers in Business
  • Everything is Negotiable!


Liberal Arts

Carrying on the mission of Leysin American School, the SIS program strives
to “develop innovative, compassionate and responsible citizens of the world.” With that in mind, our Liberal Arts stream helps students process, comprehend and evaluate the world they are living in.

Class options include:

  • What’s cool about my country?
  • Current Issues/ World Affairs
  • Superheroes in Debate

AE afternoon activities

During afternoon activities students are able to engage in competitive or non-competitive activities, and adventure sports. We balance our active offerings with music, cooking, arts and crafts classes and continually introduce new activities to improve students summer experience. All of these options combine to help students exercise their minds as well as their bodies.

AE evening socials

The Summer In Switzerland program emphasizes a family style of interaction, and all students are assigned to Faculty Families, which are led by Faculty “parents.” Every evening students enjoy family activities, dorm events or program socials.

Afternoon Activities & Evening Socials


Competitive sports:

  • Football Floor
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball

Non-competitive sports:

  • Swimming
  • Horseback riding
  • Ice-skating
  • Yoga & Pilates

Adventure sports:

  • Climbing
  • Alpine hiking
  • Parapenting
  • White water rafting

Evening Socials:

  • Student theater productions
  • Student talent shows
  • Visiting guest performers
  • Themed dances

AE family trips
& weekend excursions

One afternoon per week students go on a family trip, allowing Faculty Families to spend quality time together. At SIS, we and that these family trips enable students to connect with each other, and with their faculty parents, in a meaningful way. On weekends students participate in excursions to cities in and around Switzerland. Each excursion includes a mandatory group activity, as well as free time for students to explore and hang out with friends.

Family Trips

  • Château de Chillon in Villeneuve
  • Aqua Parc in Bouveret
  • Fondation Pierre Gianadda art museum in Martigny
  • Swimming pools or spas
  • Nestlé-Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc

Weekend Excursions

  • Lausanne (Olympic Museum)
  • Zermatt (the Matterhorn)
  • Geneva (United Nations & Red Cross Museum)
  • Bern (thousand year-old medieval city center that is the capital of Switzerland)
  • Lucerne (Swiss Museum of Transport & Communications)

AE cultural trips

At SIS, we know the benefits that come from introducing students to the larger world just outside our door. That’s why SIS students have the opportunity to take part in organized European cultural trips.

Supervised cultural tours allow students to experience a new country and culture. They also help students to bond more closely with one another, a key goal of SIS. Staff accompany students on all trips as supervisors and mentors, further promoting that sense of community fostered on campus.

As a result of these experiences, SIS students gain a greater awareness of other cultures and a greater understanding of how their participation can make a difference to others.

Options for 2017:



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