Ages 7-11

SIS Alpine Adventure (AA) is geared specifically for ages 7-11. The program encourages active participation, hands on learning, and self-discovery.

This safe location provides many amenities for students, including Internet-wired classrooms, a complete health center with full-time health professionals, a visual arts center, a multipurpose gym and a theater. The village of Leysin offers a sunny summer climate, great restaurants and fantastic recreational opportunities, all atop a soaring plateau overlooking the Rhone Valley and Lake Geneva. Because it is located in the heart of Europe, Leysin is close to popular destinations in Italy, France, Germany —and Switzerland, of course.


Boys and girls in the Alpine Adventure program live in separate areas of their own comfortable residence hall with SIS teachers and staff. Each room includes a private bathroom and accommodates two to four students. Whenever possible, roommates are assigned to create diversity in student nationalities and native languages. Our caring staff provides 24-hour supervision and a safe, family-like community that facilitates enrichment and personal achievement.

Faculty Families

Students at SIS are grouped in families, created by age level, with boys and girls adopting one or two faculty parents. Families meet for games and snacks on some evenings and some of our programming is in small groups by family. Whenever possible, families are intentionally very diverse, bringing together brothers and sisters from a variety of language and cultural backgrounds.

Classes, Activities and Excursions

Students attend classes in the mornings and participate in group activities during the afternoon, learning about the world and themselves while meeting other students from diverse cultures. On weekends, students embark on fully supervised half- and full-day excursions in nearby Swiss cities and visit cultural and recreational landmarks.

Weekday Schedule

Thursday through Monday
08:00  Breakfast
09:00  Morning Classes
12:15  Lunch
13:00  Afternoon Activities or Excursions
18:00  Dinner
18:30  Evening Activities
21:00  In Dorm
21:30  Lights Out

Weekend Schedule

Tuesday and Wednesday
09:00  Brunch
10:00  All-Day Excursion Leaves
18:00  All-Day Excursion Returns

Schedules are subject to change.

Morning classes

Alpine Adventurers (AA) have three classes in the mornings in a variety of subjects. Students enjoy learning in a fun and positive atmosphere. Teachers are experienced staff members who also guide the students during their recreation time, building an excellent rapport.

Three of the following five courses are offered each summer:

  • French or English as a Second Language (depending on language competency)
  • Computers (basic keyboarding, graphics and standard applications)
  • Mighty Math (exploration of fractals and other interesting mathematics)
  • Our Environment (nature in the Alps)
  • Switzerland and the World (Swiss geography, particularly of places the program visits)

Afternoon & evening activities

During afternoons and evenings, group activities or excursions are offered. On some afternoons, students may select their own activities; at other times, they will participate in pre-assigned group activities.

During each session, the Alpine Adventurers go on an overnight trip to an Alpine hut, hiking a short distance and having a typical Swiss meal. Students in the first session have the opportunity to attend the Montreux Jazz Festival for an afternoon and evening.

Options for activities:

  • Soccer, basketball, ice skating and other sports
  • Arts and crafts
  • Large group games
  • Hiking
  • Campfire
  • Karaoke
  • Talent shows
  • Overnight trips to an Alpine hut
  • Montreux Jazz Festival excursion (first session)
  • Theater

AA Excursions

Planned to meet the interests and needs of 7-11 year olds, these half-day and full-day excursions are popular among our students. They sometimes stay as one large group, and at other times break into smaller groups, accompanied by a staff member at all times. Students usually visit a cultural or educational site and have time to visit a city or town, again under staff supervision.