LAS Summer

Afternoon Activities

Each day, students choose a different afternoon activity.  We offer so many activities that students could choose something different every day and never do the same thing twice! From horseback riding to ice skating, this is a great time for students to try something new!

Activities we have offered in the past have included Floor Hockey, Finger Knitting, Beach Volleyball, Dirt Biking, Ukulele Lessons, Painting & Drawing, Yoga, Hiking, Tie-dye, Football (Soccer), Parapenting, and Dance, and so much more.  There really is something for everyone!

LAS Summer "Families"

Our signature Family Program is the hallmark of the LAS Summer experience. Each student is placed in a “Family” for the duration of the program. Led by two or three counselors, each family is made up of a group of students of the same age from across the world.  Every session, our Families gather for a number of evening activities and special events—from sharing a meal together to participating in friendly competitions, the Family Program offers another opportunity for students to strengthen existing friendships and develop new ones!

Evening and Social Events

Our evenings are just as exciting as our daytime activities! From exhilarating sports nights where energy and competition thrive, to cozy family nights that bring everyone together in a warm, communal atmosphere, our themed evenings are designed to cater to diverse interests and ensure endless fun.

For those who love the great outdoors, opportunities abound to gather around a fire while singing songs and sharing stories under the starlit sky. Several of our evening events are designed to bring the entire camp together, allowing students from different dorms and age groups to mingle and form new friendships. One of the highlights of our summer program is the Final Banquet. This grand celebration is a time to dress up, feast on a variety of delicious foods, and capture memorable moments with friends in photographs.