Student Handbook

For almost 60 years, we have nurtured the talent of our students, motivating them to achieve their best in education, sports, and arts. 

Our success stems from the vision of founders Fred and Sigrid Ott—to create an international high school in a secure, inspiring location, where young people can reach their academic and personal potential, and become true “citizens of the world.” Under the leadership of the third generation of the Ott family, this vision continues to guide our mission of promoting international understanding among young people and excellence in boarding school education.



This section contains a breakdown of the LAS academic calendar including important dates to know for the Fall, Winter and Spring academic terms. 

This section contains information concerning school governance, our guiding values, our partnership with parents, confidentiality, and religion.

This section provides an overview of arrivals and departures, important items to bring to pack, living in a dormitory, and dinning hall and meals. 

This section elaborates on student life at LAS, including information on faculty family, leadership opportunities at LAS, activities, and ski term.

This section contains guidelines for when a student wishes to leave campus on cultural trips, weekends, long weekends, and school breaks. 

This section outlines our school health plan, on and off-campus care, being excused from class, medications, and advanced care. 

This section contains information on our child protection policy, security, personal safety, fire safety, and theft, protection, and insurance policies. 

This section addresses community expectations, bullying, harassment, fighting, substance abuse, drug testing, and our student conduct code.  

This section addresses tuition and personal accounts, pocket money, major purchases, campus store, communications, and withdrawals.

This section details registration, attendance, assessment, marking periods, our testing policy, dress code, graduation, and academic support. 

This section outlines our responsible technology usage policy, our social media policy, and the function of IT operations at LAS. 

This section provides useful local numbers including those of restaurants, hotels, medical offices, and police, and faculty contact information.