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LAS Continuum of Education
Sabina Schwedtmann-Lynch

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The LAS Continuum of Education is the vision for the future of education at LAS. As the name suggests, the Continuum views every aspect of our program, from grade 7 to grade 12, as part of a continuous pathway contributing to the development of our students.

Part of this Continuum vision has included restructuring many of LAS’s original basic tenets of education. We additionally will be incorporating new, cutting edge educational ideas and opportunities while valuing and enhancing a more traditional model of education. A key feature of the Continuum is a new program here at LAS, entitled the Accelerated Learning Program in Switzerland or ALPS. Through innovative classroom scheduling, ALPS offers students a mixed program that plays to their individual strengths and needs in a way that the previous program found more challenging. For example, a student who excels in mathematics or the sciences can be placed in a class well above their traditional grade level, meaning that they are able to access classes with more challenging content to help drive forward their learning, abilities, and natural talents. This is not, however, restricted to mathematics and science: students whose abilities lie within the humanities, modern languages, or a myriad of other elective choices are able to participate in a more rounded and personalized educational pathway at LAS.

The Continuum also strives to ensure that students do not view their education in a compartmentalized manner, with each grade level being separate from the others. It emphasizes for students that their high school education is a pathway of continuous growth and development, with each year serving as the building block for the next, leading towards the pinnacle of senior year and life after LAS.

Life after LAS is a key component of our students’ education; not because we want to rush the adolescents entrusted to our care through their high school years, but rather because of a desire to help them understand the impact of the choices they are making throughout the entirety of their high school career. The introduction of a new whole-school timetable has also allowed us to devote specific time and attention in the school day to career pathway and university advising, beginning in grade 9 and carrying on through to grade 12. In this way, we are able to help scaffold students’ experiences and expectations so that they are able to progress towards their individual pathways and success.

Education is an ever-changing landscape and if we are to stay current, we must adapt and change with the times. Programs such as the Continuum, ALPS, and LAS edge are giving us the tools to help students adapt to a future and professions that we can only imagine. This is the future of education at LAS and one that I feel blessed to count myself a part of.

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1. Through innovative classroom scheduling, the Accelerated Learning Program in Switzerland offers students a mixed program that plays to their individual strengths and needs.

2. LAS edge allows students to explore specializations before they reach university.

3. The Continuum meets LAS students where they’re at, encouraging them to study, improve, and explore.




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