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Q&A with Valedictorian
Veronika Radinovska


VALEDICTORIAN: Veronika Radinovska ’15 New York University Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi, UAE

CO-VALEDICTORIAN: Ania Gruszczynska ’14 Cambridge University Cambridge, UK

Veronika Radinovska, the valedictorian from the Class of 2015 interviewed Ania Gruszczynska, the co-valedictorian from the Class of 2014. This is an excerpt from that interview.

>>>VERONICA: How do you think LAS prepared you for the future?

>>>ANIA: One of the things I appreciate most about my LAS education is the school’s focus on global awareness. Meeting wonderful friends and teachers from all corners of the globe and exploring a variety of destinations on organized cultural trips were fundamental to my learning process. These aspects of LAS life were just as rewarding as the traditional classroom experience. LAS provided me with all the tools I need to succeed in university, and I’m quite certain that I’ll be reaping the benefits of my education here as I move towards my future career.

>>>VERONICA: I know that you were the valedictorian of your class, were accepted into Cambridge, and participated in numerous extracurricular activities and clubs. Tell me about what motivates you.

>>>ANIA: I’m unsure what the future holds for me, so I’m always motivated to take the opportunities given to me and utilize them to the best of my ability. A lot of people would say that they have clear goals in mind, and they’re always working toward them. But, I’m quite the opposite. I just try to enjoy the process of getting to the unknown without putting too much pressure on myself.

>>>VERONICA: I know that you did an IB programme at LAS. Did the subjects you chose in high school closely match your choice of major?

>>>ANIA: I definitely see how the subjects I was studying as an IB student help me tackle the challenges I face at university. Unlike the British high school program, IB educates students in all major areas of study as opposed to a select few. In addition, IB students are required to take a TOK class, which I did not fully appreciate as a high school student. When I began my university studies, I began to realize how well this class prepared me for independent thinking, questioning of knowledge, and presenting my ideas in a smart, effective way.

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