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Development Update
Benjamin M. Smith

The Development program continues to see positive growth. Over the past five years, we have experienced annual increases in donations, participation percentage, and visitors to Leysin. Our events draw greater numbers of attendees and the number of independently organized gathering and reunions continues to grow. This past year, we had over 150 alumni visitors to campus, including a multi-year and 10-year reunion. For many of those visitors it was their first time back on campus in 10, 25, and even 50 years. For others, it was another trip up the mountain for their monthly or annual visits.

The Excellence through Action: Campaign for the Sports & Fitness Center, has been the main focus of our fundraising efforts for over a year. The construction project, casually referred to as the “gym renovation”, is in its final months. The exterior renovation of the Sports & Fitness Center is 90% completed. The final 10%, the installation of the multi-sport rooftop surface, cannot be completed until the winter snows have melted. In the meantime, the construction team will put all its efforts toward completing the interior of the building so our students can access the gymnasium before graduation.

 The new sports & fitness center under construction.

The fundraising for the Campaign will continue until the end of June. Anyone who supports the project with a donation will be permanently recognized on the donor wall located at the entrance to the facility. Many current parents have made their donations in honor of their children. For alumni, it is a great way to mark your time at LAS. Individuals or families wishing to make a more significant contribution, there are naming opportunities available within the facility, for which a list can be provided upon request. Details for supporting the Campaign are provided below.

Participation has been another focus of our recent fundraising efforts. Last year, we had growth in our parent and faculty participation percentages while maintaining 100% participation by our senior leadership and board members. Current parent participation reached 12%, while faculty participation reached 57%. Remarkably, these percentages do not include participation in the many student-organized fundraisers that take place throughout the year and are purely based on fundraising appeal participation.

 Multi-year reunion.

This past semester, we have seen the participation trend continue and we expect to see increased participation percentages again. The LAS community is truly supportive of the School and our students and we are very grateful. Thank you for your support!


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