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An LAS Milestone

This month marks a very special milestone for one of our staff members. Slavisa Arsic, our Head of Maintenance and Construction, has been working at Leysin American School for over 35 years! 

Originally from Serbia, Slavisa began working in Leysin in 1982 at the Grand Chalet Hotel (in the building that we now know as our Belle Époque). He took on a number of roles at the hotel including cleaning and working in the kitchen, however his area of expertise was always in construction.

Just a few years later, in 1985, Slavisa heard that LAS was looking for someone to take on construction projects full time. He spoke with Doris Ott and both quickly realized he would be a perfect fit—and so began his career at LAS.

In the 35 years he has worked at LAS, Slavisa has learned a lot—especially about what it means to live and work in an international community made up of many different cultures and world views. He particularly enjoys the variety that his day-to-day work brings; the diversity of renovation and construction means no two days are the same!

When he's not at work, Slavisa likes to travel around Switzerland (his favourite city is Zermatt) and play sports. He also enjoys math and learning about geography and history. And, speaking of history, Slavisa has a particularly keen memory when it comes to the school's facilities year by year. Want to know what Savoy looked like in 1997? Chances are he can tell you.

Thank you, Slavisa, for your hard work and for helping make our beautiful facilities what they are today. We are so grateful to have you as a long-standing cornerstone of the LAS community.

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