Travel & Culture

Travel plays a fundamental role in LAS's mission of developing young citizens of the world. Ideally located in the heart of Europe, LAS introduces students to cultural and historical wonders within Switzerland and abroad. Cultural trips occur twice a year: once during the fall and once during spring. These trips are immersive experiences in which students can connect with their peers, discover cultures and traditions that are different from their own, and gain a more intricate understanding of the world and their place in it. 


I went to Monaco and it was amazing. I stayed with a local family which was so interesting. I also got to improve my French a lot and enjoy great food. The trip was amazing!


Cultural Trip Destinations Include:

It's cool having a taste of different cultures, like different foods and different music. I've been all around Europe with the cultural trips.


At extra cost, students may also choose to go on a faculty-sponsored trip over Spring Break. Past destinations have included community service trips to Romania as well as cultural trips to Zimbabwe, China, Thailand, and Nepal. 

Throughout the school year, students will also have the option to take part in supervised weekend trips. With a host of cities and activities just a short drive away, weekend excursions are an excellent way for students to have fun, shop, dine out, and explore. Additionally, students may take part in personal travel on designated weekends if they meet the appropriate age, permission, and eligibility requirements.