Service & Leadership


LAS takes pride in broadening students' horizons and helping them to become more globally conscious and empathetic citizens. Our service opportunities highlight the importance of helping those in need both within the community of Leysin and beyond. Students who are interested in becoming involved in compassion- and character-building initiatives are encouraged to look into the following LAS groups:


National Honor Society (NHS)

The National Honor Society is a US organization that was established to recognize outstanding high school students. The NHS celebrates those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. At LAS, not only do we recognize students for their accomplishments, but we also challenge them to grow further through active involvement in school activities and community service. At our school the NHS is involved in fundraising for the Terry Fox Run, the Mercy Trust orphanage in Thailand, and many other worthy causes. Members also organize and participate in numerous events throughout the academic year, such as hosting the refugee center Christmas party. 

Habitat for Humanity

LAS has been sponsoring annual trips with Habitat for Humanity since 1996. As an organization that is focused on building "strength, stability, and self- reliance through shelter," students' participation in this group teaches them about compassion, empathy, and setting up practical, purposeful steps to achieve their goals. Throughout the year, students who are involved in this club learn about Habitat for Humanity as an organization, develop an understanding of housing crises around the world, and learn how to fundraise, create compelling and informative presentations, and build. At the end of the year, students participate in a building project in a European country, spending three days on site and one day touring the region. In recent years, students have contributed their time and efforts on building sites in Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, and Romania. 


Student leadership plays an essential role in a close-knit residential community like ours. Our student leaders help to establish and maintain a welcoming, supportive, and forward-looking school environment. Students at LAS have a number of opportunities to take on leadership roles and regularly interact and work together with their peers on different projects. Students are encouraged to become further involved in the LAS community by participating in the following groups and programs: 

Student Council (StuCo)

Student Council is a student-run organization that serves as a voice for the LAS student community. StuCo maintains a channel of communication between the student body and the school's administration, inviting student feedback on various school-related topics and communicating with the administration on behalf of their peers. StuCo invites students to be bold, practice effective teamwork dynamics, and actively work to shape community life and make their time at LAS unforgettable. 

The Fred Ott Leadership Program

The LAS Fred Ott Leadership Program was launched to give students the means to hone their leadership skills and give back to the communities in which they live- their dorms, school, and the world beyond. Student leaders selected for the Fred Ott Leadership Program fall into three groups - Prefects, Student Ambassadors, and Senior Proctors. These school leaders are chosen at the beginning of the school year through a formal recruitment process and actively contribute to the betterment of LAS life. 

Prefects are responsible for generating positive morale in the dorm and assisting the Dorm Head and Team with dorm- related duties and events. Student Ambassadors act as mentors and role models, and establish themselves as strong planners, problem solvers, and leaders within the LAS community. Lastly, Senior Proctors work together to enrich student life in the Belle Époque Dorm, create, plan, and host dorm socials throughout the year, and work with administration to improve life at LAS. 

International Award

LAS Alpine Club assists students who are interested in pursuing the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, the world's leading youth achievement award. This award invites young go-getters to set goals and pursue different service-oriented, skill-building, and adventure-filled activities. Students who excel in their pursuit of the International Award are able to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold awards- accomplishments that are looked on favorably by universities. The process of earning this award also teaches students the value in setting personal objectives and becoming more well-rounded, passionate, and driven citizens of the world. 

Honor Council

The Honor Council highlights the importance of integrity. When a student at LAS is involved in a major conduct infraction the Honor Council, composed of both students and faculty members, gathers together to decide whether a conduct violation has indeed occurred and reports their opinion to the Dean of Students' Office. Students who are members of the Honor Council have a clear sense of justice and ethics, and are courageous enough to determine when a fellow classmate has erred.