alpine institute and alpine club

The LAS Alpine Institute brings students outside to connect with Leysin’s amazing mountain environment. There are two main branches within the Alpine Institute: citizen science and outdoor adventure. You can learn more about the Alpine Institute’s science work in the LAS Educational Research (LASER), our parent department.

The Alpine Club offers excursions and activities designed to explore the natural world surrounding LAS. We offer mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain hiking, via ferratas, glacier hiking, bicycling, caving, tent camping, overnights at nearby mountain huts, and more, depending on season and students’ interests.

The Alpine Club encourages students to be active in the outdoors wherever they are, and in the Swiss mountains while they’re here. We offer afternoon activities and weekend trips. The fall semester includes an overnight trek to the summit of the Dents du Midi (the highest and most beautiful peak in the area), as well as an after-school activity of orienteering and avalanche awareness. This activity includes hiking around the local ski resort terrain and surveying the various aspects of the slopes, becoming familiar with piste and off-piste trails.

field trips

The series of outdoor activities and weekend trips are open to all interested students. They include (but may change because of weather factors and enrollment):

  • Overnight trek to summit the Dents du Midi mountain (3257 m; 10,686 ft.)
  • An overnight hiking trek organized by the students
  • Sailing on Lake Geneva, a team-building exercise
  • Via ferrata up the Tour D’Ai
  • Leysin canyoning and/or whitewater rafting (in the spring)
  • Indoor and outdoor rock climbing
  • Early season overnight ski trip
  • Winter overnight hut trip
  • Overnight spring camping trip
  • Lake Geneva bike touring trip
  • Paragliding