Home & Family

LAS takes great care in cultivating a stable, caring, and supportive family-like environment. At the heart of each of our dormitories is the philosophy that the more comfortable a student feels in their living environment, the more likely they will be to reach their full potential.

Welcome Home

Dormitories are fully-equipped with home-like amenities including a kitchen, common area, and fully furnished rooms where students can live and study comfortably. Additionally, each LAS dorm is home to several live-in faculty members called "dorm parents." These staff members are available throughout the school year to ensure your child has access to consistent guidance, care, and support in case of an emergency.

Students will also experience the LAS lifestyle alongside a roommate. Living with a roommate is a particularly valuable experience as it teaches students about new cultures, how to live respectfully and harmoniously with someone else, and most importantly it offers the potential of a lifelong friendship. 

Dormitory Tours

Faculty Families

Faculty Families are an important social group that have played an essential role at LAS for many years. All student are assigned to a family consisting of a faculty "parents" and fellow students of all ages and nationalities. The Faculty Family serves two primary functions: helping students navigate the world of LAS and encouraging students to make new friends beyond their classroom peer groups.