Health & Wellness


The Health Center's mission is to provide 24/7 holistic healthcare to the students of LAS, including preventative measures, treatment of illnesses, accidents, and mental health issues. The Health Center staff strive to promote continuity of care as well as cultural sensitivity, collaborating with all school departments as well as local healthcare providers to achieve an optimum standard of care for every student, while minimizing the disruption to academics and after-school activities.

Emotional support 

As a part of LAS's comprehensive approach to wellbeing we connect students with a strong mental health support system. LAS has a number of faculty members in place to provide students with consistent presence and support including dorm staff and Faculty Family parents. We also have two counselors who are available to assist students with daily challenges and life crises. When necessary, LAS works with professional psychologists and other mental health professionals to help students cope with challenging, ongoing emotional issues or necessary assessments. All services are kept confidential.