Leysin American School Health Center’s primary goal is to support the overall health and wellness of the students so they can participate fully in life at LAS.  The Health Center cares for students who are unwell but strives to minimize the disruption to their academics and activities whenever possible.

Health Center Mission Statement

The Health Center is responsible for the total health environment of LAS students, including the treatment of illnesses, accidents and emotional issues.  The Health Center staff is responsible to provide guidance to the community regarding health issues and refers students to the school physician and/or other external physical/emotional health care providers as needed.

There are several ways in which the Health Center reflects the philosophy, objectives and core values of LAS.  The Health Center staff promotes community harmony by providing care and support when students are sick or injured.  They strive to put students first and are always aware of the cultural diversity of the student population when providing care.

The Health Center is a major “System of Support” in the safety and overall well-being of the student population. Several guiding principles, listed below, define this system of support.

The health care provided at LAS covers the treatment of:

  • Illnesses

  • Accidents

  • Emotional Wellbeing

Student health care involves the whole community:

  • Students can have a major impact in helping their friends

  • Teachers work with students on a daily basis and are expected to oversee student health

  • Administrators and support staff provide the organizational background for a positive health care environment

  • The Health Center not only takes care of student health issues, but also provides guidance for the community regarding health care

The Health Center is staffed with:

  • Three full-time nurses who provide 24 hour cover 7 days each week when school is in session.

  • 2 full-time counselors/health educators who are available for scheduled meetings, prevention education and emergency situations.

  • A Health Center Director (also counselor) and Lead Nurse who are in charge of overall policy and operations.

  • A Health Center Assistant who provides administrative support.

Nurse clinics

Students are strongly encouraged to attend the Health Center at clinic times except for emergencies. There are two clinics per weekday at each campus, at which time students can self-refer to see a nurse.  The clinics take place before school and during lunch. Dr Stephanie Schmalz-Ott works as the school doctor as well as being one of the GP’s for Leysin.