building a community is our primary objective

We believe in a stable, caring, supportive, family-like environment where students receive adult guidance through frequent daily interaction. “Family” is the key word because, given the distance that many of our students are from their own families, our faculty is committed to providing a positive “in loco parentis” role model for students.

The residential houses of Leysin American School are vital to the well-being and positive functioning of the school community. Our students feel at home on campus, and this helps them to feel positive about themselves and to appreciate their life at LAS.

In the dormitories, students have the opportunity to appreciate and understand other cultures. Living together, they recognize the differences of language, food or traditional costumes and then begin to explore the ideas, values and histories that have created each cultural group’s uniqueness. This rich experience opens up another avenue to realize that, despite our obvious differences, we share many similarities as human beings that we might not have previously recognized.

international community

What does this mean to LAS? It means celebrating cultural diversity and promoting international cooperation and an internationally oriented outlook.

At Leysin American School, students come from more than 50 countries at any given time and live together in harmony. This distinctive identity is common for international schools and represents a strong reason for a student to attend LAS and for a parent to feel secure that LAS will provide a safe and sympathetic living and study experience.

faculty family

Faculty Family has been a key part of the LAS tradition since its founding days and serves as a central link in “belonging” to the community. Composed of students of all ages and 1 or 2 teachers, an LAS Faculty Family provides an emotional and social reference point for students outside of the traditional school environment.

The second role of the Family is social. Families participate in school events, including special dinners, banquets, community cleanups, tobogganing, concerts and drama productions.

Each September, Faculty Families meet to enjoy events together, such as short trips in the Leysin and Vaud Canton areas. This event helps students and teachers to bond more closely as a Faculty Family unit.