Arts & Creativity

At LAS we encourage our students to express themselves creatively and artistically wherever possible—the arts open up a world of possibilities in which students can think outside the box and express themselves in a gratifying way. With an understanding of the value the arts can bring to a school community, we have built up our Arts program and facilities to guide and nurture growing talent.


One thing I love about the performing arts at LAS is the people that you are surrounded by. I have participated in many theater productions as a crew member and as a performer. My experiences were so positive - the people I worked with were very kind, helpful, and supportive. We are like one big family!


Throughout their education, students can select from a variety of courses in Visual Arts, Theater, and Music such as Digital Arts, Theater Arts, and Creative Music. Artistic studies in Middle School and Preparatory Years classes set students up with essential skills and knowledge that are foundational for advanced studies in IB or High School Diploma level Arts. 


Did You Know...

LAS encourages students to pursue the arts both inside and outside of the classroom? We put on a musical and a play once a year and we also offer opportunities for excursions and cultural trips with a focus on the arts. 

Musical Theatre at LAS pushes you to reach new theatrical levels. Additionally, it instills time management and organizational skills in you as you have to keep up with a rigorous IB workload and rehearsal schedule.


LAS students who are interested in the arts can also take part in extracurricular activities such as choir, the Fall play and Spring musical, as well as regular art exhibitions and music concerts. These events allow students to prepare work and receive feedback from real audience members and viewers. Interested students also have the opportunity to take private music lessons when a suitable instructor is available.