After School


Extracurricular activities are a crucial, foundational component of the LAS lifestyle. Our advanced athletic facilities and unique mountain environment allow students to participate in sports that round out their school experience, emphasize the importance of health and personal wellbeing, and teach them valuable soft skills including sportsmanship, time management, and determination. Students are able to participate in sports non-competitively during their activity time after class, or they can try out for an LAS sports team. Tryouts are typically held during the first week of classes. Several of LAS's sports teams represent our school at competitions throughout Switzerland in two leagues - the Swiss Group of International Schools and the Association des Directeurs des Instituts de Suisse Romande. LAS also participates in a number of non-league and invitational competitions. Athletic opportunities include the following: 


Throughout the year students participate in an after-school activities program that provides opportunities for leadership experience, skill development, and community service. Activities take place Monday through Thursday, typically between 16:00 and 18:30. Students are required to select a minimum of two activities each term; students on sports teams fulfill these requirements by attending two weekly practices, but they have the option to take part in other activities as well. LAS offers a broad range of extracurriculars each term. While the availability of certain activities may change based on enrollment and staffing, options typically include: