Preparatory Years (G9-10)

Students in our Preparatory Years (grades 9 and 10) are in a crucial time of self-discovery. We support their expanding interests by providing them with a combination of core classes, classes based on their interests, and experiential opportunities. Through careful guidance and instruction, we help them become effective self-directed learners.

We believe that the next generation of world leaders will need an innovative and creative mindset to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Through our varied academic program, our students gain the skills they will need to become global leaders and change-makers of the future.



Opportunities for introspection and self-discovery extend beyond the classroom. LAS seeks to support students during this transitional period of their lives by allowing them to test the waters in new, challenging classes, encouraging them to join teams and take on leadership roles, and exposing them to international cultural experiences. Model United Nations, the Alpine Institute, and Robot Gardening are all examples of interactive, self-regulated learning opportunities that students can take advantage of in order to learn more about themselves, their learning styles, and their interests.