Middle School

The LAS Middle School has been designed to provide students in grades 7 and 8 with a safe family environment in which they can learn, study, play, and thrive. Students in the Middle School program are immersed in a tight-knit community of passionate learners and are invited to take part in an exciting curriculum filled with educational field trips and opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning.

Middle School in Numbers


Dorms; One for Girls, One for Boys


Of Classrooms Have Two Teachers


Mandatory Core Classes


Care From our Experienced Nurses and Counselors

The goal of this program is to develop within students an enthusiasm for learning, an ability to take part in self-directed study, and to give them a strong foundation upon which they can build their success in later grades.

Outside of the classroom, students are able to take part in after-school activities such as sports, yoga, and theater, or, in the wintertime, skiing and snowboarding. Supervised cultural trips and weekend excursions are also great ways for our youngest students to embrace living abroad and gain international exposure.


In order to provide our Middle School students with a strong scholastic foundation and skill set, our 7th and 8th grade programming is divided into two segments—Academic Core and Academic Exploration. Academic Core, consisting of English, Reading and Writing, Physical Education and Health, Science, and Math classes, emphasizes the key principles and knowledge that will lay the groundwork Middle School students need to be successful in later grades. Academic Exploration is made up of a selection of transdisciplinary courses designed to broaden horizons and uncover new talents. While courses may be subject to change, a variety of choices is always available to captivate every learner; some options in previous years have included Coding, Music Mixing, and Project Innovation.


Residential Life

Living away from home for the first time can be daunting, but the welcoming community and cozy dorms at LAS make it easy to transition into boarding school life. Students live in gender-separated dormitories with students within their age group. To help Middle School students integrate into the larger student body, a handful of selected students from the high school are also present in their dorms. Dorm staff are always available to supervise students and provide social or emotional support if needed.

LAS encourages students to nurture their growing independence and, as a part of this process, students are expected to take on important adolescent responsibilities such as laundering their clothes, keeping their rooms and common spaces tidy, and managing how and when they use their pocket money. Taking on these tasks is a great step towards becoming mature, responsible young adults.


Lifestyle and Fun

Extracurricular activities are an excellent way for students of all ages to explore new passions, develop teamwork skills, and meet new friends. Students take part in after-school activities regularly throughout the year, participating in clubs and teams and, if they are interested, skiing or snowboarding in the Winter term.

Students will also take part in Faculty Families throughout their time at LAS. Faculty Families consist of one or two faculty “parents” and a number of fellow students from different grades and countries. Families meet for important events, social nights, special dinners, and mandatory school events. These Families function as an important social group, helping to connect students with peers they might not otherwise have the chance to interact with.