Middle School Years (G7-8)

Students begin their academic journey at LAS in Middle School (grades 7 and 8). This is a safe environment in which they can learn, study, play, and thrive. Students in the Middle School program are immersed in a tight-knit community of passionate learners and take part in an exciting curriculum filled with educational field trips and opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning.


Support is readily available to students at LAS, from the Associate Academic Deans and their staff to the dormitories and faculty families. All our students are encouraged to challenge themselves and try new things in a safe and fun environment. 


At LAS, we offer a differentiated educational program that meets students’ needs and supports them as they realize their academic potential and develop into lifelong learners. In addition to academics, we also help our students develop as a whole, through extracurricular activities and experiential learning opportunities in a stable, caring, and supportive family-like environment.  In doing so, they learn independence, and are further prepared to enter into the later stages of their LAS journey.




The goal of this program is to develop within students an enthusiasm for learning, an ability to take part in self-directed study, and to develop a strong foundation upon which they can build their success in later grades.

Outside of the classroom, students are able to take part in after-school activities such as sports, yoga, and theater, or in the wintertime, skiing and snowboarding. Supervised cultural trips and weekend excursions are also great ways for our youngest students to embrace living abroad and gain international exposure.