Student Support

In order to ensure that students are meeting and surpassing academic expectations, LAS has a number of services in place such as supervised study hall. When instructors are available, students can also take advantage of office hours, extra lessons, and tutoring sessions.

Additionally, the Learning Support Department works collaboratively with teachers and students to address unique learning needs. Our Learning Support Specialists create plans for students with documented learning disabilities and needs, detailing the appropriate accommodations necessary for their academic success. Clear and measurable goals are set in order to track and highlight student achievements. 


Students who are struggling academically are aided through a three-tiered support model. The first tier of intervention takes place in the classroom with the teacher. If further support is deemed necessary, tiers two and three involve bringing the student to the attention of the Students of Concern Committee, and connecting them with tutors and Learning Support Specialists. The Learning Support Department works with the Admissions Team to determine individual students' needs prior to enrollment into the Academic Intervention Program.