Experiential Learning

At LAS, education isn't limited to the confines of a classroom. We seek out every chance we can to connect our students with impactful experiential learning opportunities so they can see the practical applications of their studies at work in the real world. We do this by augmenting traditional classes with events that build on students' passions and address current global issues, helping them to develop fundamental skills in critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and teamwork. Some events our students participate in include: 

Lets Day:
An ongoing project that allows students to examine how ecology changes from the valley to the summit of the Tour d'Ai. 

An annual student-led science fair that allows our young scholars to collect environmental data and share their findings with experts in the filed.

Global Futurizer:

An event that develops the entrepreneurial skills of students as they look to solve issues real companies have encountered.

Bee hives: 

LAS recently installed three beehives on campus. With these new additions, classes will be able to learn about pollination, the decline of bee populations in the world due to new pesticides, and the positive effect bees have on human food sources. 

Alpine InsTITUTE:

An institute that works with teachers across the curriculum to help students connect as deeply with our mountain as possible through investigations in mountain science, sports, environment, and culture. 

Cultural Travel: 

Immersive learning opportunities in which students gain a more intricate understanding of the world and their place in it.