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LAS Educational Research (LASER) supports innovative teaching and learning focused on student agency and action research as professional development.

The LAS Educational Research (LASER) Center supports learning focused on student agency. In our LAS Edge classes (LASER’s flagship curricular project), students work at becoming the best possible independent and collaborative learners they can be. Along the way, they learn about our alpine environment, the arts, entrepreneurship, or STEAM, depending on which specialization most captures their unique interests.

Each year LASER also accepts proposals from faculty members (Resident Scholars) and researchers abroad (Visiting Scholars) that outline innovative projects that they are undertaking. Resident Scholars focus much of their energy on finding ways to enhance school curricula and develop innovative teaching methods so that our students can continue to benefit from a strong education built upon the foundation of the latest cutting-edge research. Our Visiting Scholars also become extremely valued members of our community; many of them have become regular presenters and bloggers who love to share their work and research with our students. These Visiting Scholars work on projects alongside our faculty members, helping to create a school that is constantly learning, from our youngest student to our Head of School. Inquiries about becoming a Visiting Scholar are accepted any time—please reach out to Director of Research Paul Magnuson at

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