Educational Research

The LAS Educational Research (LASER) Center supports action research and curriculum work as professional development for the LAS faculty. Each year we accept proposals from faculty members that outline innovative projects with a goal of developing new curriculum, improving school life and our systems of student assessment, and investigating strategies in teaching and learning. We call these innovative faculty members Resident Scholars. 

We also reach out to creative professionals in education- consultants, professors, and content specialists. These Visiting Scholars work on their own research projects alongside our own faculty, learning and leading, and presenting their findings to the school community. 

The LASER Center initiatives are supported by Director Paul Magnuson and Associate Director Dan Patton. If you have further questions about LASER, please contact Paul at

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Our Scholar Program

Resident Scholars

Resident Scholars

The goal of our Resident Scholar program is to provide support for creative and driven staff to explore educational issues in depth in our school context to enliven their experiences of professional development at LAS while enriching the academic environment for us all. 

2019- 2020 

Brittany HolsappleThe Road To Exceptional Student Support: SEN Professional Development
Alice Patton & Suzy MeyskensResidential Life Curriculum
Daryl HitchcockResidential and Extra-Curricular Curriculum Evaluation Tool
Kim Oppenheim, LAS Language Celebration Site
Hannah Starbuck, Reimagining the 21st Century Mathematics Classroom
Rachael Passant-Coy, Project Drawdown
Alicia HamiltonWriting Center (Grades 7-10) 
Virginia Morgan, Writing Center (Grades 11-12)
Kevin JenningsAscending Cognition

2018 - 2019

Adam Bradford, How Can @home Science Experiments Help Students Achieve Better Grades in their IB Internal Assessments?
Julia Bach To What Extent Can Translanguaging Be Used in the Social Studies Classroom to Increase Student Engagement and Mastery of the Subject?

Nic Cosgrove, Testing Agile in Education
Rachael Passant-Coy, Creating Citizen Scientists at LAS
Rob Barnett, IB Math Studies: A Challenge Based Approach
Stéphanie Ameri, Making Ecological Commitment an Integrated Part of the LAS Mission Statement
Thom PadickThe Importance of Good Lighting for Quality Video Productions
Tom Cosgrove, Self-Paced Mathematics in the Middle School

2017 - 2018

Aaron Deupree and Ronan Lynch, A Guide for Department Heads 
Marta Krause, Guiding Teachers to Support Student Leadership 

Mat McLeod, Using the Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom 
Nicola Stewart, Agile Toolkit
Rachael Passant-Coy, The Integration of Citizen Science in LAS Science Curriculum
Stéphanie Ameri, Turning LAS Students into Active Eco- Schoolers 
Thom Padick, Educational Video and Production Support

2016 - 2017 

Andie Flett, Dormwork 
Anthony Leutenegger, Energy Audit and Sustainability 
Brittany Holsapple, Mindfulness: Creating a Culture of Self- Care
Dan Patton, Authentic Ways to Incorporate STEM Across the Curriculum 
Joan Flynn, Scaffolding Self- Regulated Learning in the Middle School Reading & Writing 
Kellie McGrill, The LAS Community Pledge in the Middle School 
Kelly Deklinski, The Middle School Idea Book: Implementation and Inspiration 

2015- 2016

Adam Bradford, Product Testing: Circuit Scribe 
Amanda Bjorling, Online Learning with Odysseyware and Other Platfroms
Andie Flett, Agile in the Dormitory 
Andie Flett and Suzy Meyskens, Rethinking Study Hall 
Chris Leonhard, Raising Environment Awareness 
Dan Patton, Development of Forest Ecology and Robot Gardens - Two Middle School Courses 
Jason Murphy, Technology Planning for the Middle School
Keegan Luttrell, Art in Leysin 
Vanisha Gorasia, Standards Based Grading 

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars

The goal of our Visiting Scholars program is for LAS faculty and academics from around the world to rub shoulders so that we all may feel the excitement of new ideas coming to life and the commitment to lifelong learning. 


Adele Hammond, Social Entrepreneurship and Fair Trade (Abrazo Style, Mexico and USA)
Adrian FritschiEducational Technology, (Bildungszentrum Technik, Switzerland)
Ana Aguirre, Curriculum and instruction in the LAS edge program (Tazebaez, Spain)
Bilge Kalkavan, DIY Language as supplemental world language curriculum (Bahçeşehir University, Turkey) 
Bret Thayer, Scrum in the classroom (Teacher, USA)
Chiara ForresterClimate Change (University of Boulder, United States)
Eowyn Crisfield, Translanguaging in LAS Classrooms (Consultant, UK)
Eric PorisSummer Language Programs (Owner, E. Z. World Academy, Spain)
Feyza DoyranCurriculum and instruction in the LAS edge program (Associate Professor, Hasan Kalyoncu University, Turkey)
John MillerAgile Classrooms (Consultant, USA)
Kiko ArquerJournalism (Consultant, Brazil)
Mark EricksonOutdoor Leadership, (Hokkaido International School, Japan)
Martin Brocklehurst, Citizen Science, (ECSA, Germany)
Özge HacıfazlıogluTeacher Professional Development (Professor, Hasan Kalyoncu University, Turkey)
Rae NewmanAgile in Education (Graduate Student, UC Berkeley and Mills College)
Siena Harlin, Assessing Anti-Poverty Programs (Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) at MIT, USA)
Stephen Cantarutti, Pyschology (Doctoral candidate, City University London)
Zaida NúñezLanguage Awareness (Assistant Professor, University of Alcalá, Spain)

2018- 2019 

Baldur SigurðssonThe Writing Center (University of Iceland)
Daria KhanolainenResearch study on cyber bullying (Kazan Federal University, Russia)
Elena SemenovaResearch study on cyber bullying (Kazan Federal University, Russia)
Eowyn Crisfield, Translanguaging (Educational Consultant)
Özge Hacıfazlıoglu, Teacher Professional Development (Hasan Kalyoncu University, Turkey)
Sonya Armaghanyan, Using Theater for Social Well-Being
Radhika GarlandAn educational toolkit for students: Discover the Alps! 
Vladimir KuskovskiInnovation in the IB Program (Educational Consultant)
Rae NewmanAgile in Education (UC Berkeley and Mills College)

2017 - 2018

Anna Kristín Sigurðardóttir, School Improvement and Professional learning Communities (University of Iceland) 
Alys Mendes, The Ideal School (PhD Candidate) 
Conrad Aumann, Facilitating Communication (Counselor in Group dynamics) 
Hervör Alma Árnadóttir, Outdoor Learning and Experiential Learning (University of Iceland) 
Jon Ingvar Kjaran, Gender Identity in Iranian Culture (University of Iceland)
Karen Lillie, National and Transnational Socioeconomic Classes (PhD Candidate, University College London) 
Royston Flude, Self- sustaining People, Organizations and Communities 

2016 - 2017 

Alys Mendes, The Ideal School (PhD Candidate) 
Elizabeth Skelton, Teacher Support, Professional Development (Consultant) 
John Miller, Agile Classrooms (Using Agile as an Instructional Framework) 
Jon Ingvar Kjaran, Gender Identity in Iranian Culture (University of Iceland)
Sigríður ÓlafsdóttirReading research (University of Iceland)
Steven Carber, Third culture Kids (Endicott College) 
Thy Carber, Technology for Learning (Endicott College)

2015 - 2016

Christophe Randin, Alpine Science, Climate Change (Université de Lausanne) 
Irene Alvarez and Anne Delestrade, Citizen Science (Centre de Recherches sur les Ecosystèmes d'Altitude) 
Luis Prieto, Online Professional Development Tools (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland) 
Martin Brocklehurst, Environmentalism (European Citizen Science Association) 
Mauro Fisher, Glaciology (University of Fribourg) 

2014 - 2015 

Hisashi Yoshida, Theory of Knowledge and the IB Program (Obirin, Tokyo)

Artists in Residence

Artists in residence



Don EnochSet Construction for The Addams Family (Retired set designer and teacher, USA)
Nermin Hollis, Turkish art and the IB (ENKA, Turkey) 
Thom PadickDigital Imaging (Consultant and former LAS teacher, USA)




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