Diploma Years

Our Diploma Years program helps students prepare for the next major phase in their lives. LAS guides students throughout this time, allowing them to tailor their academics to meet their goals. 

All Diploma Years students work towards achieving the LAS Diploma and can choose the IB Diploma or the US High School Diploma. We offer the full IB program, an AP program, or a combination of both courses for credit.  Students in their Diploma Years also regularly consult with our top-notch University Advisors as they prepare to continue their education after LAS.

IB Diploma students engage in deep, concentrated learning through engagement with the International Baccalaureate curriculum. The IB Diploma Programme has over forty course offerings (SL/HL classes) available for students to select a program that best suits them and their future goals. In 2022, our highest score was a 45, 34% of our candidates had a score higher than 38 points, our average score was 36 points, and 23% of our candidates received a bilingual diploma! LAS had a 100% pass rate as well!

Students who pursue IB studies are highly motivated and independent learners who have shown themselves to be strong academic achievers. If ELA students reach a high enough proficiency in English after grade 10, they can undertake the full IB Diploma with the option for a "Bilingual IB Diploma."

The US High School Diploma program well-prepares students for postsecondary success while allowing them more time to pursue personal goals in and outside of the classroom. Students in this program also have the opportunity to earn IB certificates. This stream of study is ideal for students who are intellectually curious and excel in active learning. ELA students who need continued focus on language acquisition and are not ready to undertake the IB program continue with ELA courses within this stream and maintain a focus on content knowledge in core areas so they are ready for university studies following graduation. 

Our seniors are encouraged to exercise their growing independence through academic, social, and leadership opportunities. Students are also encouraged to take on roles as Student Council members, Student Ambassadors, and club presidents—such positions help them to build character, develop new skills, and can give them an edge on university applications.  

Diploma Years in Numbers


of LAS students received an acceptance from at least one of their top 5 university choices


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extracurricular activities to choose from 


options to select from for their final senior cultural trip