Diploma Years

Diploma Years program marks an exciting time during which students begin to prepare for the next major phase in their lives. LAS guides students throughout this time, offering them the chance to tailor their academics to meet their goals. All Diploma Years students work towards achieving the LAS Diploma and have the option to take AP classes, IB classes for credit, or earn a second full IB diploma. Students in their Diploma Years also regularly consult with the University Advising Office as they prepare to further their education. 

Our senior students are encouraged to exercise their growing independence through academic, social, and leadership opportunities, and by taking advantage of small group travel in and around Switzerland. Students are also encouraged to take on roles as Student Council members, Student Ambassadors, and club presidents—such positions help them to build character, develop new skills, and be set apart on university applications. 

Advancement Placement

Beginning in 2020, LAS is going to start offering AP classes! AP (Advanced Placement) classes allow students to intensively pursue particular subject areas and ultimately earn university credit for their demonstration of knowledge. 

Diploma Years in Numbers


of students get into their top choice of university 


Of LAS graduates go to one of the top 100 universities in the world 


extracurricular activities to choose from 


options to select from for their final senior cultural trip