Diploma Years

The Diploma Years program marks an essential and exciting time during which students begin to prepare for the next major phase in their lives. LAS guides students throughout this time, offering them the chance to tailor their academics to meet their learning needs. Students are able to select from one of two academic programsthe US High School Diploma program or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. Students in their Diploma Years also regularly consult with the University Advising Office as they prepare to further their education. 

During their final years of school our senior students are also encouraged to exercise their growing independence through academic, social, and leadership opportunities, and by taking advantage of small group travel in and around Switzerland. Students are also encouraged to take on roles as Student Council members, Student Ambassadors, and club presidents—such positions help them to build character, develop new skills, and be set apart on university applications. 

Diploma Years in Numbers


of students get into their top choice of university 


Of LAS graduates go to one of the top 100 universities in the world 


extracurricular activities to choose from 


options to select from for their final senior cultural trip 


Diploma Years students can opt to take US High School Diploma or IB Diploma courses. The US High School Diploma program well-prepares students for postsecondary success while allowing them more time to pursue personal goals in and outside of the classroom. Students in this program also have the opportunity to earn IB certificates. This stream of study is ideal for students who are intellectually curious and excel in active learning. ESL students who need continued focus on language acquisition and are not ready to undertake the IB program continue with ESL courses within this stream and maintain a focus on content knowledge in core areas so they are ready for university studies following graduation. 

IB Diploma students engage in deep, concentrated learning through engagement with the International Baccalaureate curriculum and expand on skills and knowledge learned in earlier grades. Students who pursue IB studies are highly motivated and independent learners who have shown themselves to be strong academic achievers. If ESL students reach a high enough proficiency in English after grade 10, they can undertake the full IB Diploma with the option for a "Bilingual IB Diploma". 


In addition to taking classes, students are expected to work together with the University Advising Office. Though students begin communicating with advisors in grade 10, this partnership is emphasized more heavily in their final two years of school. Students will have the chance to interact with advisors during one-on-one meetings as well as in small groups in their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) classes. TOK classes allow students to complete personal assessments, take part in career exploration exercises, conduct university research, practice essay writing, and review university application procedures. Advisors also organize visits from representatives of international postsecondary institutions, as well as coordinate visits to nearby college fairs. 

Residential Life

The dormitory experience at LAS is central to the well-being and character of our entire school community. Living within a community of passionate learners provides Diploma Years students with the chance to gain a greater understanding of other cultures and values, as well as make lasting friendships that transcend the borders of a classroom.

Living abroad offers Diploma Years students the chance to practice autonomous living in preparation for their endeavors following high school. Students will learn to set a pocket money budget, launder their own clothing, maintain the cleanliness of their room and communal spaces, and cook when they wish to in the dorm kitchen facilities. Each dormitory is home to several live-in faculty members who are there to guide and support students as they learn the essential skills of independent living.

Lifestyle and Fun

Our advanced athletic facilities and unique mountain environment give students access to a wide range of sports and activities year round. During Fall and Spring terms students are required to regularly participate in after-school activities or teams. These activities encourage students to take initiative, adopt an active lifestyle, and expand their interests. Activities and sports are subject to change each year based on interest, enrollment, and staffing, but in the past options have included:

  • Bouldering

  • Basketball

  • Dance

  • Horseback Riding

  • Swimming 

  • Community Service

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Theater Production