Strategic Planning

Leysin American School View from Campus

Establishing a New LAS Strategic Vision

In 2020, our Boards and Leadership team began a new strategic planning initiative for LAS. Together with a team of students, faculty, alumni, board members and friends of the school, our team works to envision the best version of LAS for our future. To reach the summit of all that LAS can become, we've reflected on our past, grounded in our present and begun the climb towards our future. The LAS strategic vision is underpinned by three main pillars:

  • Developing the Whole Child through individualized education & experiential programs

  • Shaping transformative leaders through Innovation, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship (ICE)

  • Embracing a diverse Global Family with shared norms & traditions

The three pillars are supported by the foundation of our school mission statement: "developing innovative, compassionate, responsible citizens of the world."

Whole Child Education

We seek out the inner passions of our students and help those selves shine. At LAS, students celebrated for who they are and encouraged to dream and achieve those dreams. We will help them become who they want to be, not who others tell them to be. We prioritize student agency and celebrate diversity and difference.

Innovation, Creativity + Entrepreneurship
We create change-makers, creative thinkers, self-starters and big dreamers (through the whole child educational experience) who leave incredible legacies in their communities at home and abroad. Through the support of our global family network, our students and alumni are the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future.
Global Family

We are more than just a community, we are a family. We commit to continuing the LAS familial experience beyond the reaches of the school campus or the years of a student or faculty member’s tenure.

Once you are at LAS, you are always with LAS.

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