Sunrising over the mountains

The 2024 Panorama magazine is here!

Introducing our revamped Panorama magazine with a fresh new format! Each year, we’ll delve into a unique theme to celebrate the core values of international understanding and cultural exchange that unite our global family. For the 2024 edition, we’re delighted to invite you on a culinary adventure as we explore the delightful ways our community connects through the universal language of food!

Our annual themes will continue showcasing the diverse experiences and perspectives that make our LAS community unique. We’re thrilled for you to savor the rich assortment of stories and memories within this year’s edition and look forward to new, exciting themes in the coming years!

We are truly grateful for the incredible contributions from our alumni, students, and staff that make Panorama so special. Their voices, their stories, and their memories are the heart and soul of our magazine. They remind us of the importance of fostering a global mindset and forming meaningful connections through shared experiences, like preparing, sharing, and enjoying meals together.

For many in our community, their time at Leysin American School is only the beginning of a lifelong LAS journey. What truly binds our Global Family together are the shared experiences, the appreciation for diverse cultures, and the deep desire to build lasting relationships. We can’t wait to continue sharing your inspiring stories in future editions, as they are the threads that weave our community together.

Please enjoy the 2024 edition of Panorama!