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Remembering Mark Kolman

We are sad to announce the passing of Mark Kolman on January 26, 2024 after a five-month battle with cancer. Alongside his wife, Amy, Mark was a former faculty member at LAS, and his daughter, Pepper, attended as a student. 

Mark, a passionate educator, was Director of LAS Summer in Switzerland and the Dean of the Savoy Campus, and a huge asset to our family community here on the mountain. Amongst many other things, he was an athlete, educator, music lover, and friend to many. 

Dean of Students, Paul Fomalont, shared these words of remembrance about Mark:

"Mark was one of my closest colleagues. He was dedicated to the boarding school life, and often fused his work and play. We would meet at the upper sporting swimming pool and train in the evenings, and he often would invite students who were passionate about swimming to join. He was such a fast swimmer and was a great technical coach to me and the students who joined him.

He was also competitive—I remember he once sent me a picture of his 2000-meter time on the rowing machine on the MMAC. I went over a day later and beat it and sent him a picture back. Then he went back and beat my record.  This continued for well over a month. Finally, we took a group of students to an indoor rowing challenge in Vevey.  We competed in the adult competition where he finally set a mark that I could never beat.  

I found a kindred soul in Mark.  To him, being Admin on Call was a joy, a 100 km bike ride was only a warm-up, and eating lobster rolls at every meal while traveling in Boston a completely acceptable meal plan. He had a passion for working with students and sharing what he loved with them. His passing is a loss to the world."

The Kolman family will host a Celebration of Life for Mark on Friday February 23, 2024 on Long Beach Island, NJ. Please visit the obituary page for more details.