Sunrising over the mountains


A Special Message from Doris and Steven!


Following their trip to East Asia, during which they visited Tokyo, Taiwan, Beijing and Seoul, Steven and Doris wanted to share a special message with the Global Family:

What a memorable experience! Seeing you, reliving past times on the Magic Mountain, and hearing of your life's success has been most special. The years just evaporated taking us back to the days when you were at LAS. We hope that this marks the beginning of many more get-togethers to permit us to tell more stories and reminisce about your days in Leysin.

- A bientôt & au revoir, Steven and Doris

Fortunately, our 2024 travel doesn’t stop here! Doris and Steven will be hosting special events in Almaty, Dubai, and Istanbul later in 2024, so keep an eye out for these dates. Of course, we always love to see you when you visit Leysin with your family and friends too - do stay in touch with us and our alumni office.

Stay up to date with our event here, and we’ll see you on the road soon!