LAS Entrepreneurship Partners

Welcome to the LAS Entrepreneurship Partners Program—bringing industry professionals to our student academic experience.

At LAS, we embrace the chance to connect with leaders and entrepreneurs in our wider local community to round out the education of our leaders of tomorrow.

We love creating partnerships with companies that provide valuable experiential learning opportunities in the hopes that students will acquire irreplaceable insight into entrepreneurship and gain hands-on experience in a variety of fields. As a result, LAS students obtain access to a wealth of knowledge, talents, and techniques that help bolster their education.

Entrepreneurship Partners

British Bespoke Furniture Maker and Social Enterprise

Here at LAS we also have Alumni Visiting scholars that arrive on campus to deliver training and workshops to students in their field of expertise. Similar to our entrepreneurship partners program, this provides valuable insights and allows students to see the variety of opportunities and careers that are available to them as they journey from school to adulthood.