LAS Impact Fund

About the LAS Impact Fund

This year, LAS has invested over 4 million CHF into its financial assistance package, enabling students from all backgrounds to attend our school. The Impact Fund is designed to put your francs and dollars directly back into the school, to ensure all our students have the opportunity to make the most of their time on the Magic Mountain. The Impact Fund has four main goals:



"My full scholarship to LAS, and the support provided by the Impact Fund, has been life changing. You can see the domino effect it has had. It has allowed me to live in Switzerland, study the IB, conduct scientific research, be taught by amazing educators, learn to ski, and present at a conference in Tokyo.

I love being a student at LAS, but I am also so excited to become an alumnus, so I can join our Global Family, and help support LAS in the future!"

Current LAS Scholarship Student



Make an Impact

The Impact Fund was established in July 2022. Since then the fund has supported faculty with over CHF 60,000 worth of grants, renovated four student spaces across campus, supported scholarship students to attend conferences around the world, brought four Alumni Visiting Scholars back to LAS, and funded five experiential field trips. With your support and philanthropic generosity, we can continue to grow the Impact Fund, deliver for our students, and strive for excellence in all we do.