Graduation Video

"Congratulations class of 2020!!! You did it!! Have a fabulous summer and keep in touch! Xoxo"
        - Miss Lee

"Congratulations class of 2020. I wish you all the best moving forward. Welcome to the LAS Alumni Association and very much looking forward to seeing you as we travel around the world. Stay in touch!"
        - Mr. L

"Fondly remember your days here at LAS, they really will be the best of your lives. The classmates will forever be your brothers and sisters, and teachers you aunts and uncles. If you are ever feeling lost, come back to Leysin - you will always be remembered here at you 'home' away from home."
        - Ms. Skye '96

"Congratulations to the class of 2020! No doubt it has been a challenging year, but you have handled every day with poise and grace. Take deep breaths and seriously enjoy the ride. Best of luck to all of you in your new adventures!"
        - Miss Starbuck

"Wishing all the graduates big dreams and achievements! Congratulations for completing this chapter!"
- Marcelo and Rosangela Galindo 'P20

"Congratulations Seniors! Well done, we are very proud of you. We wish you all the very best and we know that you will go on to leave your mark on the world. Come back and visit the Magic Mountain soon."
- Mrs. McGill

"Congratulations class of 2020. Sorry we can’t be doing all this face to face but one day you’ll enjoy telling people you were THAT class of graduates in THAT crazy year. Come back and see us soon and stay safe - we love you guys!! (Most of you, most of the time)"
 - Mr. Taylor

"Congratulations class of 2020! It's been a challenging term, but you've truly made the most of it. Best of luck as you continue on with new adventures."
- Miss Gain

"We are so proud of all of you! Congratulations Class of 2020! You did it! Please come back to visit <3"
- Miss Starke 


June 5, 2020

15:00 Swiss time



Dr. Marc-Frédéric Ott

Opening Words

Mr. Daryl Hitchcock


Senior Awards Presentation

Addressed by Valedictorian 


 Commencement Address

Mr. Paul Majauskas &
Mrs. Daiva Majauskas
P’ 14, 16, 20


Awarding of Diplomas

Mrs. Sabina Schwedtmann-Lynch

Closing Words

Dr. Christoph Ott