LAS Edge

Welcome to LAS Edge—where students intentionally work on the skills that turn good learners into great learners.

Students choose an LAS Edge class based on its content (for example entrepreneurship, the arts, computer programming, and engineering!), but they discover that Edge is much more than the subject matter of their class. Yes, they learn about their chosen area. They also learn the lifeworthy skills of planning, perseverance, collaboration, imagination, and learning from mistakes.

These cutting-edge classes emphasize progressive education, soft skill development, creative expression, and exploration. Students can choose Edge electives in both our Prep Years and Diploma Years programs.  All Edge electives intentionally focus on skills that transcend subject areas, giving students ample time to practice personal agency and engage in creative personal exploration. Edge classes prioritize creativity, self-awareness, and self-motivation, giving students the freedom to pursue topics deeper, collaborate with each other effectively, and take charge of their own learning.

Learn more about LAS in the video on the right, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!


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