In 2020-2021, our Leadership Team engaged in a strategic thinking process that culminated in a decision to prioritize and strengthen our entrepreneurship program.

We are committed to supporting the next generation of problem solvers through educational and experiential opportunities that address global challenges through entrepreneurial thinking, creativity and innovation. 

The world is moving and changing at a rapid pace. We prepare students for an ever-developing future by equipping them with the skills and practice necessary to navigate the world of entrepreneurship.  LAS students also have the chance to learn from real-life experts (entrepreneurship partners and Alumni Visiting Scholars). 

LAS supports Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship by developing curriculum and facilitating the immersion-reflection cycle while leveraging the world-class network of alumni, staff, and families.  Recent alumni speakers have included Jessica Jenkins '95, an engineer at Lockheed Martin, and Jordan Whitaker '08, a pioneer on the front lines of one of the fastest growing entertainment trends in the world! With the help of our global family, LAS strives to create transformational leaders and the next generation of global problem solvers through programming and by nurturing critical reasoning and decision-making skills.