LAS COVID-19 Information & Updates

At Leysin American School, our community’s health and safety is our top priority. Marc-Frédéric Ott, Head of School, and Christoph Ott, Head of Operations, together with our Leadership Team, and the LAS Board have been monitoring the overall global climate and best practices through recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and Swiss authorities in regard to the current COVID-19 crisis.

During this difficult and uncertain time we, as a school, have been working to support our students and families who have been impacted by unforeseeable disruptions. Our best wishes go out to all those affected by this disease.

For more information on our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund and how you can make a difference in our LAS community, click the button below:




LAS COVID-19 Timeline

July 17: Swiss Quarantine Update
July 9: New Swiss Quarantine Procedures
July 3: Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion
June 29: Orientation Schedule
June 15: Visa Application Process

June 5: Virtual Graduation Ceremony

June 4: Awards Banquet
June 3: Awards Assembly
June 2: Memories Video
June 1: End of Year Celebration Update
May 27: Residential Life Update
May 25: University Advising Podcasts
May 20: End of Year Celebrations
May 14: Safety in Switzerland
May 6: Teacher Appreciation Week
May 4: Financial Planning Calendar
May 1: Launching LAS @home
May 1: Safeguarding, Phones & Computers
April 30: LAS Assessment Update
April 29: Ensuring the Safety & Health of the LAS Community
April 27: Launch of Student Life & Activities 
April 24: LAS Academic Year 2020-21
April 24: Summer Update
April 20: Academic Advising
April 17: Shipping Information
April 13: Plans for the 2020/21 School Year
April 10: Completion of the School Year Online
April 6: Remote Learning begins
April 3: Remote Learning Information
March 31: Doris & Steven Ott send out letter to the community
March 27: IB Update & Leadership Team Update
March 23: IB Update: Exams Canceled
March 20: Spring Break officially begins
March 19: Last student leaves LAS and arrives to destination safely
March 18: Student tested positive for COVID-19 after returning home. 
March 17: LAS alumni events postponed
March 16: Staff begin working remotely
March 12: All-school meeting to close school. Students depart
March 7: Swiss government chosen for primary source of information
March 3: Grade 12 Academic Update
March 2: Student personal travel canceled, sporting events canceled
February 28: Student travel limited within a 75km radius of Leysin
February 26: Rapid Response Team expanded
February 3: First email to parents about COVID-19 response
January 31: Rapid Response Team assembled


Latest Updates

Students and families: please check your emails and this page for the most up-to-date information

LAS moving forward:
  • LAS Summer in Switzerland 2020 will not be held. Launch of LAS @home on May 1.
  • LAS is able to pack and store all student belongings until April 2021. Please see the LAS Packing, Shipping & Storing FAQs below.
  • The LAS 2020 school year is online until the end of 2019-2020 Academic Year.
  • We plan to reopen the school as scheduled next year but will continue to monitor the situation and adjust if need be.
  • The 2020 Reunion Weekend has been postponed. 

Check for the latest COVID-19 information, public advice, and travel alerts through the following links:

Please do your part. Follow the medical advice of the above links and your local & national medical providers. #Stayhome #Safehands #Flattenthecurve



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