Alpine Institute

Leysin provides the perfect setting for students to stay active, be creative, and embrace mountain living. Together students in our vibrant community are given the freedom and safety to explore, try out new activities, and find new interests. 

Students are encouraged to channel their imagination in class and beyond in courses such as Creative Music and Design and extracurricular activities including choir and theater. A number of extracurriculars exist outside of the arts as well, with enough variety to captivate each student. Activities and sports are subject to change each year based on interest and staffing, but in the past options have included bouldering, basketball, horseback riding, swimming, and community service.


With a breathtaking mountain range in our own backyard and neighboring countries just hours away, we choose to make the most of Leysin’s location whenever possible. The Alpine club and ski term in the winter both encourage students to embrace their time in Leysin and reach a new level of familiarity with the Swiss Alps. Outside of our beautiful host country, cultural trips allow students to explore a wider global community and take part in experiential learning. Student participation in these trips helps to fully immerse them in the customs, traditions, culture, and history of the country they are visiting.

While we aim to embolden our students to venture out and discover more about themselves and the world around them, we always ensure that they have a comfortable, safe space backing them as they test new waters. The LAS Health Center’s primary goal is to support the overall health and wellness of students so they can participate fully in life at LAS. Additionally, all students participate in Faculty Family, a group comprised of faculty “parents” and a number of peers from different grades and countries. Families function as an important social group at LAS and “parents” are great resources who can provide informal counseling on how to best navigate life at a boarding school.

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