Ways to Support

LAS has identified the following areas of support in its near and long-term planning

Capital Support

Capital Support helps expand and maintain the beautiful LAS campus, reflecting the school’s high standards in all endeavors. In addition, well-equipped facilities help and encourage talented staff and students to develop a competitive edge.

Scholarship Support

Scholarship Support benefits gifted young people who need financial assistance, and who often become our highest academic achievers. Attracting exceptionally bright students to LAS raises the level of discourse, education, and benefits the entire student body. Nine of our last ten valedictorians and our top university applications often come from our scholarship program.

Signature Programs

Program Support - including academics, technology, extracurricular activities, and faculty development - encourages innovation, provides students with enriching experiences, and keeps teachers current on advancements in their fields.
  • LAS Educational Research (LASER) Center
  • Arts & Athletics
  • Alpine Institute
  • Faculty & Staff Development
  • Learning Resources & Support
  • Alumni Initiatives