Parent Association

The LAS Parents’ Association (PA) will reinforce the mission of our school by serving LAS within and beyond Leysin through engagement, communication, volunteer work, and support. Its purpose is also to help connect LAS parents by region and throughout the world. 

Engage • Communicate • Volunteer • Support 


Assist in engaging prospective families and introducing them to LAS.

Engage with fellow parents (using LAS Global Connect) and encourage them to be a mentor or provide an internship.


Assist in communicating important messages from various departments in the school through various regional channels and languages.


Volunteer at Orientation and Family Winter Week (work in shifts running the PA booth) and help promote the mission of the PA.

Assist in hosting an event for LAS in your region.


Support LAS through philanthropy by giving to scholarship programs and capital improvements.

For more information please contact our Director of Advancement, C. Ryan Joyce,  at, or our Associate Director of Advancement, Anthony Leutenegger, at 

We look forward to being in close touch with you throughout the year!