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There is no better way to determine the success of an organization than by its final product. At LAS, our final product is our former students and graduates. Our alumni, whether they have spent one or six years at LAS all make up the community that we are proud to serve in the development department. Our alumni live all over the world and are leaders in many different industries.

By listening to their stories we can better understand the impact LAS makes on their lives. Their voices are what inspire us to continuously improve. Here are some of what your alumni have to say:



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“At LAS, I loved the way of learning and how personal we were with the teachers. The connection between students and staff at a boarding school is incomparable to a regular day school.” 


The friendships I made at LAS are now almost half a century old. Many of us are still in touch, and in some cases are in business together. At a recent reunion, I think we all realized once again that we weren’t just friends, we were family.

Alex Teuscher

“I enjoyed the mountains, the teachers, I really liked how certain teachers truly cared.”


LAS prepared me for a life of working with diverse and international people. The acceptance I learned while in Leysin is invaluable. It is also why I’ve been back to work at LAS, as a summer teacher, for the past 3 years. Leysin will always be home to me.


“Only looking back now do I truly comprehend the significance of what I witnessed and was a part of at LAS, and I never would have been able to experience many of these things at a school in the United States.”

Paul Carduner

“Being part of a student body as diverse as LAS’s definitely makes learning about the things you don’t know a priority, rather than arguing with others about why your worldview, inherently based on incomplete information, is the correct one.”

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