Your “Home Away from Home”

With more than 50 years of experience in taking care of students, we have made our campus into one big family. To achieve this, we put family values first. Our students’ safety, happiness and development, both academic and personal, are always our main concern.

Partnerships with Parents

At LAS we believe that parents’ involvement is a key factor in a student’s success. Parents follow the academic grades, teacher comments and progress reports through an online portal that gives them real-time information. LAS reinforces this by direct discussion with parents throughout the year—including, if possible, visiting them during our many global trips. We discuss with parents openly and constructively how we can help each child succeed at LAS and in the future.

Leysin, Switzerland

With breathtaking scenery, modern infrastructure, a central European location and a reputation for quality and excellence, Switzerland is viewed as ideal for tourism, lifestyle and education. LAS has a beautiful Alpine setting that allows us to offer students an exciting ski-term, summer events in the Riviera region and major cultural cities within weekend traveling distance. The reputation for safety, respect for others and acceptance of different cultures is shown as our students integrate into life in Leysin, becoming a visible and popular group in the town.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB)

Our LAS Belle Époque Campus, the academic home for both the juniors and seniors, houses the IB Programme, with dedicated teachers who specialize in developing each student’s potential. This campus has its own train station, but more importantly, it houses students who are working hard to gain a place at university by studying for this prestigious and globally recognized two-year diploma. Having a separate campus to study for the IB gives them better conditions to work as individuals, teams or with the experienced and motivated faculty. This campus receives numerous visits each year from admissions personnel who recognize that these students would be an asset to any university.

A Global Lifestyle in a European Experience

LAS students benefit from being in a ski resort in central Europe, with excursions, sports and cultural events built into the school lifestyle. This furthers the healthy, outdoor way of life and gives students access to a multitude of activities. Cultural trips and visits broaden their understanding of language and society—and provide experiences and memories they will cherish forever.

Leysin American School and Switzerland—Why would you choose anywhere else?